How I Make Money on ShopKick (without buying anything!)

use shopkick without buying anything

I’m going to admit it, where I live, shopping and eating out is basically the only entertainment. So, I tend to spend my weekends going to the many stores nearby to window shop. Since I’ve gone on my strict budget, it’s been pretty depressing seeing all the cool stuff I want to buy, but not being able to buy anything. :(

But, I don’t want to stay home cause, I’m a gluten for punishment-I still have been going out and dreaming about what I could buy.

Now, I’m one of this nutty people who likes to make sure almost all my waking time is spent wisely. If I can multitask even during my free time, I do it-especially, right now while trying to increase my income while trying to get out of debt.

Soooooo, I decided that instead of spending money while at my favorite stores, I would instead, make money!


Get Paid to Scan Barcodes While You Shop

My most favorite (I have to stress, FAVORITE) shopping app is Shopkicks.

Shopkick is an app that’ll give you free gift cards (or, cash!) while you’re out shopping — just for scanning barcodes.

The best part? You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to.

If you are checking all the amazing products at Target or checking out the amazing low prices of designer clothes at TJMax, open up the Shopkick app and find items to scan for points. Scan the barcode and watch your “kicks,” or points, pile up!

Other “free” ways to collect kicks:

  • Walk into stores IRL and online. Yup, the app rewards you when you step (or click) into select partner stores like Yankee Candle, Foot Locker, Fabletics and more. No purchase necessary.
  • Watch videos. Earn kicks in your spare time by watching in-app video ads.

Once you’ve collected enough kicks, you can cash them in for PayPal cash, or gift cards like, Amazon,  Walmart, Starbucks, and more.

I’m going to tell you, why I love this shopping app is because I make $10 in just an hour’s time! The kicks add up really fast-on average, 1200 kicks gets you $5. Especially,  if you go to Walmart or Best Buy which usually have almost 1000 scans at a time!


When You “Have” to Buy Something:

You can earn even more rewards with Shopkick when you run out of something. I NEVER buy something just to get the kicks. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it. But, when we get groceries, I always check my Shopkicks app (don’t forget ibotta-check out the other money making app I use) first, to see if it’s worth purchasing brand name items. I usually do if it’s 700 kicks or more-and remember, if it’s something I went to store to buy anyway.

When You Make a Purchase That Has Kicks:

Open the Shopkicks app and find the store you bought it from-remember, it must be purchased from the store that shows kicks on it. Find the item that you purchased, and check mark it. Then, add photos of your receipt after clicking on submit receipt.

My two daughters and even make an evening of it while spending time together! We grab a coffee and visit our favorite places. I change out my rewards depending on my needs. I’ve gotten a year’s worth of free Starbucks coffee, Amazon gift cards, and lately, PayPal cash.

You can also get kicks by referring your friends! Which is what I would like to do with you too! It’s a win-win for both of us: We each get 250 kicks right off the bat when you use my link to sign up-BUT, you must use the app within 7 days of downloading. Soooo, sign up using my link, go find a “walk in” and you’ll get an extra 250 kicks!

Ready to get started? Kick your way to rewards with Shopkick for Apple or Android.


My code if you don’t use the link:


Remember, you must use my link for 250 bonus kicks AND use the app (scan some products, or walk in) within 7 DAYS.


make 300 doing Shopkick

What’s your favorite money-making shopping app?

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