Top Tips on Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception


Getting married is something that people dream about most of their lives. For some, they can’t wait to wear extravagant wedding attire while others look forward to starting a life with their significant other. After an intimate ceremony, the next best thing is the wedding reception. This often takes the most planning as you’ll need to cater to your guests as well as keep them entertained. It can be financially exorbitant, but there are ways to get the reception of your dreams on a budget too.  If you need top tips on planning the perfect wedding reception, then continue reading below. 

Choose a Theme You Love 

The first step you need to take when planning the perfect wedding reception is choosing a theme. Go back in time and think about what you’ve always imagined your wedding reception looking and feeling like. You can then couple those ideas with inspiration from Pinterest, wedding magazines, and social sites like Instagram.

A few ideas for wedding reception themes that may inspire you are below:

  • Festival wedding: For those who love all things bright and colourful, this may be the perfect theme for you. Live music, outdoor games and street food are some things you could include at your reception. For this type of theme, an outdoor wedding may be the most ideal direction to go in. 
  • Fairytale Wedding: If you cried every time you watched Cinderella, a fairytale wedding is something you may like. Consider getting a wedding cake with as many tiers as possible, a horse and carriage as well as a three-course sit down dinner. 
  • Nautical Wedding: Although this is more suitable for those who want a summer wedding, it’s a perfect theme if you can get good weather. This theme would ideally take place at a seaside venue and the theme would feature lots of blue and white. 

Make Sure the Location is Accessible 

Accessibility is a big thing when it comes to planning your reception. The last thing you want is guests turning up late or getting lost because your venue is impossible to find. Look for somewhere that has more than enough landmarks and if it’s within your budget, is on a main road. Additionally, include detailed directions and a contact number in case anyone gets lost.

Plan the Menu Carefully 

Food is a major part of a wedding and something guests look forward to. To make your life easier and save yourself the stress of having to get a caterer and venue separately, hire a venue like The Corner House Pub as they offer a reception space, atmosphere, and food and drink. You can take a look at to find more information on their service offerings. 

Explore Entertainment Options 

Although your guests are probably well capable of mingling amongst themselves, having entertainment at the reception can heighten their experience. Some entertainment options you could try include: 

Silent Disco: If you want to do something out of the ordinary, why not try a silent disco at your wedding? This way you can get everyone dancing even if it’s to different beats. This will likely be a first for most guests making it an unforgettable experience. 

Live Band: Although this is common, if you get a live band that is good at engaging with an audience, you can’t go wrong. Ask for recommendations and be sure to watch them perform before booking them. 

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