Top Tips for Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat


The arrival of summer is a time that is welcomed by many of us, especially after a cold winter and a fresh spring season. The long summer days, glorious sunshine and warm days and evenings are all well and good, but sometimes the heat can be a bit too much, especially when you are trying to sleep. It’s, therefore, a good time to uncover some tips used by people living in warmer climates as to how best we can manage the heat and keep ourselves cool. 

For those lucky enough to have an air-conditioning unit this can be a lifesaver on the warmer summer days and nights. If you haven’t used yours for a while or you have just into a new property you will want to check your AC is working before the summer heat comes in. If you are unsure then look online and search “AC repair near me” and get a professional to come out and take a look.

If you are one of the many who don’t have the luxury of an air conditioning unit in your home, then you can try some of these tips to stay cool this summer.

Staying Cool at Night

Take a Fan to Bed – More specifically, take a fan into your bedroom before you go to sleep. Having a fan oscillating will help to improve airflow and cool the room down. The ideal place to position a fan is in the corner of the room so you can get the most of the full 90° rotation. Another option is to use two fans that are facing each other, but that sit on opposite sides of the room. If you position the two fans correctly it will create an area in the middle of super-cool air which is hopefully where your bed is. 

Another great fan-related tip is to put a bucket or tub of ice underneath the front of the fan. The cold air will drift upwards and will be fanned around the room. For the best results, you should position your fan facing into or just above the bowl of ice. 

Sleep Under a Damp Sheet – On the face of it this may not seem like a particularly nice way to drift off but if it is really hot then it’s a fantastic way to stay cool overnight. With emphasis on the word damp and not wet, ring out the sheet or put it through a spin cycle to get most of the moisture out. Alternatives to this ‘Egyptian method’ include sleeping on top of a damp towel or placing a damp cloth or towel on your forehead. Either way you should give it a go!

Eat Your Evening Meal Earlier – When you eat a big meal it can take a long time for your body to finish digesting it. The process of digesting food raises your body temperate so to avoid raising your temperate just before you head off to bed, eat a smaller evening meal or have it a couple of hours earlier. This should help to keep you cool and sleep easy. 

Staying Cool in the Day 

Eat Spicy Food – As odd as it sounds eating spicy foods has been scientifically proven to help reduce your body temperature. It works because the spicy food triggers the receptors that usually respond to heat in the body. To help cool the body, the nervous system reacts to these triggers and you will begin sweating and flushing thus cooling you down. 

Wear Light Colored Cotton Clothing – Cotton is really one of the only choices in the summer as it’s very light and the threads in most cotton clothing are not tightly pulled together. This makes it a very breathable material and it’s good at absorbing sweat and dries quickly. 

Lighter colors are best as they help to reflect the heat whereas black will absorb the heat and will make a hot day even more unbearable. Another good rule around clothing is to wear loose fitting clothing especially around the shoulders and arm pits. Loose fitting clothing can often have a better effect than wearing shorts and t-shirt. 

Stay Hydrated – Drinking lots of water is really important on a hot day anyway but it can also help to keep you cool. Cool drinks are known to help keep your temperature down however there are some things to avoid. Anything with a high caffeine content or that contains alcohol should be avoided as these can make you dehydrated. 

Keeping cool in the summer heat is vital, as otherwise, the heat can start to really take its toll. Stay cool at night, consider what you eat and most importantly, what you drink. Collectively this can prevent the heat getting too much to cope with. Consider these changes so you aren’t daunted by the summer and all it can bring.

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