Kids with sensitive skin 5 tips


Discovering that your child has been erupting in rashes or eczema breakouts as a result of a product can feel like the beginning of a long road. Figuring out what is causing their condition can involve a bit of trial and error, as well as being able to pin-point what they last used or ate. If you have a child with sensitive skin and want to make their life a little more comfortable, here’s how to help.

Get seam-free clothing

Sometimes, sensitive skin can come as a result of more permanent conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis. This may be something that has already occurred to you, and so you’ve spent your evenings searching ‘socks seamless,’ ‘no-seam jumpers’ or ‘how to cut the tags out without a seam’ just to make your child’s life easier. Seamless socks, in particular, are incredibly useful, especially if you buy a high-quality brand that creates socks which are seamless both inside and out

Lose fragranced toiletries

It would be nice if all of us could lather ourselves in pineapple-scented body lotion or perfumed shampoo – but unfortunately, sometimes this can be a huge culprit. Scented products can aggravate sensitive skin, causing us to break out in welts or rashes. If your child is experiencing discomfort after using a particular brand of shampoo, moisturizer or sunscreen, you should try a fragrance-free alternative. 

Non-bio and unscented detergent 

If you are still nonplussed as to what is causing your child to have severe reactions, changing the detergent is always a good start. Biological detergents, especially scented ones, can be harmful to sensitive skin. Be careful, too, about the softener you use, as this can be strongly-fragranced and also a big culprit of rashes and irritation. 

Be careful with soap

If your kid seems to also have dry skin, maybe as a result of irritation, you will need to be more light-handed with the soap you use. Using strong bars of soap that strip away the skin’s natural oils can actually cause even more irritation. Using a soap-free alternative will be just as effective as regular soap, but less harsh on their skin. 

Food allergies

Sometimes food allergies can be a major cause of skin conditions such as eczema, and so discovering what it is they are specifically allergic to can be a huge help. It’s worth noting that sometimes exotic fruit can cause skin irritation, particularly on the face. Rather than guess this for yourself, however, it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor and get your child tested. 

Whether you find yourself reaching for the E45 cream or a seamless sock, the solution for your child’s sensitive skin will be incredibly personal to them. It may take a few attempts to figure out what it is that is irritating their skin, but once you do, you can finally hit the ground running. In the meantime, try a few precautions to see if changing detergent, using less soap, and wearing seam-free clothing works for your child. 


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