You Should Do These Things BEFORE You Store Your RV

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You Should Do These 4 Things BEFORE You Store Your RV

Your RV is your go-to place to get away from the world and you want it to last for many years. The best way to make sure this happens is to take pride in it and ensure it is stored properly when the time comes. 

Below are some tips from that discuss some of the most important things you want to do BEFORE you store your RV. Trust us, it will benefit you in the end and save money because you won’t need to go have the RV repaired. 

Perform a Deep Clean 

You never want to put a dirty RV into storage because 1) it can ruin the paint, 2) cause damage to the exterior, and 3) cause odors to accumulate in the interior of the RV. 

You should spend time prepping the exterior and interior of the RV and make sure to remove any dirt, debris, food, or items that can expire from inside. 

Block Out the Pests

Often, people forget to take this step and they return to find their RV riddled with roaches, squirrels, or rodents. In addition to removing food and perishable items from the interior of the RV, you want to make sure you block access for pests to enter. 

You should close all doors and windows while making sure they are secure and block any holes or exhaust pipes. 

Make Use of Vent Covers 

Some individuals make the mistake of storing their RV with the vents closed. This can lead to moisture problems and even an odor on the inside of the RV. 

You should install vent covers, which will allow you to keep out all the bad things such as moisture and pests, but allow you to keep air flowing through the RV. 

Protect the Battery 

Your RV battery needs to be protected too. You do not want it to die on you, especially when you come to remove it from storage. 

The best way for you to prevent a dead battery is to use a battery maintainer AND turn off or unplug ALL electrical components within the RV. 

Most RVs have a battery disconnect switch in them and if yours does, you want to make sure you turn it off as this will help save and preserve your battery’s life. 

Get Ready to Store Your RV 

Don’t hesitate to store your RV when you need to but do make sure you follow the tips and steps above to protect it.


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