Do Vacuum Cleaners Increase or Reduce Allergies?

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While pills, inhalers, nasal drops and Epipens have been resorted to by many to treat allergies, prevention still remains the best way to go as regards allergies. This is because all of the above being resulted by people only manages allergies, but doesn’t cure it. 

To prevent allergies, you have to control and maintain your environment regularly. So if for example, you have a food allergy, you have to stay away from problematic foods.

If you are allergic to specific allergens like pollen and dust mites, you have to ensure your surrounding is kept clean from those allergens. The big question, however, remains ‘do vacuum cleaners increase or reduce allergies?’

How Vacuuming Can Help Minimize Indoor Allergens

While some people are of the view that regular vacuuming can increase allergy symptoms, others think it is best to keep your windows closed to reduce the rate of outdoor allergens. The best recommendation has been to reduce the usage of window fans and clean the house with a vacuum two or three times a week. 

The effectiveness of vacuums in keeping the floors clean, cannot be overemphasized. This helps to minimize indoor allergens because of dust and dirt that accumulates on the floor are what is responsible for the many cases of indoor allergies reported. 

Also, it is advisable to keep your shoes outside instead of coming inside with them to avoid dirt and dust. Regardless of what is done, you can not entirely prevent the floor from getting dusty, so the best thing to do is to clean them. Vacuums are better options to brooms when cleaning because unlike sweeping, vacuuming doesn’t stir up dust.

Regular vacuuming of your home is an excellent way to keep it allergen free, but for more effectiveness, it has been said that filters like HEPA filters are a better vacuum option. This is because of the superiority and efficiency of these filter types in pulling dust particles off the floor. 

However, changing such filters after every six months are very needed to keep it working effectively. 

How Effective or Otherwise Are Vacuums?

With recent research showing how worse vacuums can make allergy symptoms, there is the need to see how effective or otherwise vacuums can become. To understand that research, recourse was made to how the vacuum cleaner works. Many vacuum cleaners are known to release tiny dust particles into the air while in use which in itself can be said to cause allergies too.

When you also take a careful look as to how air is being emitted from a vacuum cleaner regarding a study conducted in Australia and published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal, you will discover a lot. 

It was found from this research that allergens are being released by vacuum cleaners into the air in different variations. While new models released fewer allergens, older ones released more. HEPA filters were found to be useful as they take of 99.9% bacteria from the environment releasing very little substance into the air.

Notwithstanding the outcome of these researches, it is still an expertise conclusion that vacuums are still the best option in taking out allergens from the environment. This is because experts think only the old vacuums are likely to cause harm while the newer ones take away allergens and reduce symptoms. HEPA filter vacuums are highly recommended to everyone who looks to get rid of allergens from their immediate environment.

Other Helpful Ways to Minimize Indoor Allergens

  • Making use of hardwood floors above carpets can be very helpful
  • Regular cleaning of rugs in the home to take dust and dirt away.
  • The use of microfibers instead of paper towels in cleaning surfaces can help minimize indoor allergens.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals when making use of microfibers.

The best way to reduce allergy to environmental agents is to see to prevent it. In preventing it, the most important thing to take note of is the environment in which such hypersensitivity thrives. The best way to minimize allergies and its symptoms is to make use of the best cleaning agents capable of taking dirt and dust away from home. Vacuum cleaners should be considered above brooms in that sweeping raises the dust, vacuums take them away. 

Also, the type of vacuum filter you opt for is also essential. HEPA filters have the highest working rate and should be the best option for every home. Are you still wondering and asking ‘do vacuum cleaners increase or reduce allergies?’ It depends on the quality of the vacuum cleaner you go for.


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