5 Living Room Design Tips to Bring the Room to Life


There are plenty of basic living rooms with four walls and some furniture. But, wouldn’t it be better to have a living room the family will really use and enjoy? Comfortable furniture, feature walls, interesting accessories, and other design basics can help a person design and implement the perfect living room for their family. A few tricks will bring any room to life.

Shopping for The Room Elements

By shopping at online furniture outlets, the homeowner can get ideas for furniture and accessories and average prices. So, shop www.sumolounge.com to begin the journey to a new improved living room. If the living room also serves as the TV room and entertainment room, custom bean bags of different colors, shapes, and sizes might appeal to the younger family members.

Online furniture stores offer a huge variety of styles and types of furniture. Instead of trudging from brick and mortar store to store, the homeowner can shop in the comfort of their home whenever they have a little time. The items that are possibilities can be saved to a file and viewed side by side. They can be printed out to take with when doing some local shopping.

5 Tips for Transforming the Living Room

  1. Choose the furniture fabrics before shopping for paint color. There are many more paint colors than fabric colors. While choosing the furniture fabrics, stick to neutral colors for the large furniture pieces. The smaller pieces and accents can provide the color and pattern and are easier to switch out at will.
  2. Consider hiring an interior designer or doing part of the furniture shopping at a store that offers free design help. Not everyone is good at designing a room. A little expert help is often very affordable.
  3. Consider scale and proportion when decorating the living room. Area rugs, furniture and accessories should be in proportion to the room. The size of each item should conform to the other items in scale. A great big sofa in a small room will be overwhelming.
  4. Don’t forget the accessories. Lamps, pillows, artwork, and other accessories add color, pattern, and personality to a room. These items should express family members personalities and interests.
  5. Lighting is more important than many people realize. A room needs layers of lighting such as task lighting, mood lighting, and overall room lighting. Consider lighting fixtures with several light levels or dimmer switches.

Creating A Room to Enjoy

Creating the perfect family living room means taking many needs into consideration. Some essentials for every living room include adequate storage and display space for the TV and other electronics, bookcases, accessories and family photos. Occasional tables should not be forgotten because they hold lamps, books and even snacks. They hold TV remotes, phones and chargers.

Don’t neglect the walls and ceilings when decorating a living room. Nice warm colors that are neutral yet interesting are good choices. The walls are the envelope the room sits in and should be part of the overall color scheme.

Don’t neglect the floors. Old, worn flooring should be replaced if possible. Hard surface flooring can be warmed up with coordinating area rugs. If the homeowner is not experienced in painting walls, it would be a good idea to hire professional painters.

All the shopping and work for the new living room will be worth it when the family enjoys many hours together in the new space.


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