3 Things You Should Do After a Serious Truck Accident

what to do in a semi truck accident


Being involved in a serious truck accident is a scary situation that can leave you at a loss for what to do next. Accidents involving a tractor trailer or other commercial hauling truck are more complicated than those involving regular vehicles.

Why? With regular vehicle accidents, the cause and responsible party are usually easily identifiable. But in the case of trucks, it extends beyond just the driver, making it harder to get to the cause.

Following these 3 steps can help protect your rights following a crash with a commercial vehicle.

1. Report it

The first important step is to call the police. Do not talk to the driver and admit fault, or apologize to the driver.

While talking to police after they arrive, give them an accurate and factual description of what occurred during the accident.

Make sure you get the police report so you will have it to file a truck accident injury claim. Without it, you may have a hard time receiving compensation from the other party’s insurance company.

If possible, after the accident take photos of the accident scene. Take pictures of the damaged vehicles, location, and any visible injuries that you suffered.

This will provide proof of the exact extent of the damages that occurred. Truck accident cases also take a long time to settle, and so the photos will help keep it fresh in your mind.

2. Seek Medical Attention

When all details are taken care of at scene of accident, you need to make sure you check to see if you need medical treatment for your injuries. Don’t wait for days to pass before getting checked out.

You may feel fine the first day, but not realize you have an injury until days later, because of the shock that the accident has caused.

Many people turn down an ambulance and say they are fine because they have too much adrenaline to realize they are actually hurt.

Having your injuries documented the same day as the accident helps you when you file an accident claim and asking for compensation for your injuries.

Insurance companies are known to try to deny claims, ┬áso that’s why it’s important to have all important documents.

Follow all Medical Advice

When you are injured in a semi-truck crash and have injuries, it’s important for you to follow the treatment advice that you are given.

Following the doctor’s orders will help your case when dealing with the insurance company and getting the compensation you deserve for medical bills and pain and anguish. Not following advice gives them a reason to deny your claim.

3. Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Injury Attorney

When you are hit by a tractor-trailer, and you believe the accident occurred out of negligence, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney (like Dsslaw: https://www.dsslaw.com/truck-accident-attorney/ ) to handle your case.

With truck accidents, multiple companies may be held financially responsible for an accident. To avoid paying the claims, the companies usually begin blaming one another so they are held responsible. For example, where a driver is an independent driver contracted to drive, the company who owns the truck will try to blame the driver error as the cause.

Find a lawyer who offers a free consultation with no obligation. Listen to their advice and what your options are. Putting your trust in an experienced truck accident attorney who you feel wants to help you will make this unfortunate event a little less stressful.

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