5 Important Things to Know Before Building a Deck

building a deck

This is the year that you finally decided to go for it and build a deck. You’ve been wanting one for years and you think you’ve done all the research on building one and you are ready to take the plunge.

But before you even pick up that hammer and nail, do you really know everything you need to know to build that deck of your dreams?

You might want to take a minute and consider these 5 building tips first to make sure you’ve checked off all that steps to building the backyard deck that everyone w the backyard you dream of, not the one you end up with.

1. Choose High Quality Materials

Not all decks are created equal! Do your research and learn about the best material to use. Think about the climate in your area, if you are building near water, and what activities you plan for. Get recommendations on deck companies and what kind of wood they sell. Make sure the supplier you buy from is experienced in knowing the right wood for each project like, Decks & Docks Lumber Company.  It’s better to invest early in quality materials and skip the headaches later.

2. Decide What You Want to Use Your Deck For 

Think about what you plan on using your deck for. Summer events? Swimming parties? Fall cookouts?  Is your deck suited for sun or shade? How big are your parties?

The trick is to anticipate your deck’s purpose ahead of time before building it, so you don’t have to limit yourself. Plan ahead of time if you want a fire pit, Jacuzzi,  patio furniture, or even a huge built in grill so you can make proper adjustments to fit these items-even if you don’t plan on purchasing some until way later.

Think of it like the measure twice, cut once- Think twice, build once!

3. Get The Right Permits 

You might already think you have the right permits, but you may not! What starts out as a Contact your local municipality for details on dimensions and foundations before you build.

4. Make Sure The Style Goes With Your House

This is a common problem when it comes to adding an addition to your house. If you don’t make sure that when you extend your exterior into your new outdoor space, it flows seamlessly. You can do this by checking out the architecture of your home. Ensure the deck you want fits your home and lifestyle so it doesn’t end up as an expensive eye soar that you won’t be able to enjoy for years.

5. Apply a Protective Finish

Wood decks need a protective coat of finish to maintain their look and provide years of service. Many stains and sealers are available in a wide variety of colors and opacity options. You’ll need to apply these per the manufacturer’s recommendations. For treated lumber this means waiting up to several months before applying a finish. And remember, you’ll need to clean and reapply a finish periodically – usually every couple of years.


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