Dispelling the Myths Regarding Cupping Therapy One at a Time


Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years. Its origins date back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Today, it has become an integral part of alternative healthcare routine. And like any other alternative medicine procedure, a lot of baseless information has been churned out about (read: against) cupping.

In this article, we are going to dismantle all the myths that have been created against cupping, particularly in the last couple of decades. If you are unsure of the myths and need some guidance, read on to get a better understanding of this therapy treatment and how it can be beneficial.

Myth: It’s a Painful Procedure

Reality: Professional cupping sessions are entirely free of pain.

By the looks of it, yes, cupping looks as if it would hurt. However, that’s not the case at all. Many medical procedures look scary from the outside but are actually free of any pain. The same goes for cupping.

Those who have felt any pain during cupping sessions definitely had it from any amateur practitioner. Cupping looks pretty undemanding where a practitioner puts suction cups at different spots on the body—and that’s it.

However, it is important to mention here that this procedure needs an expert hand. How to handle the flame to control the suction and what level of suction is needed in different instances—only a seasoned cupping expert can take care of these things. Rest assured, if an expert is overseeing the process of cupping then the entire process remain painless.

Experts at Wellness Center Tampa Florida know the intricacies of cupping. Their seasoned hands ensure that you don’t feel an ounce of pain while getting your body detoxified.

Myth: No Scientific Study Supports the Procedure

Reality: Various research studies have substantiated the therapeutic efficacy of cupping.

Alternative healthcare procedures get a lot of flak just because they don’t have enough scientific research in their support. We know that in today’s world no procedure can become a part of mainstream medical regimen without getting widespread research-oriented scientific approval.

A few years ago, not much research existed regarding cupping therapy and its benefits. However, things are improving now. Today, no one can say that there is no scientific basis for cupping therapy.

Just for the record, here is one research study on the efficacy of cupping therapy, which is part of the large database of The National Center for Biotechnology Information (branch of the US National Library of Medicine).

A  Limitation Makes It Difficult to Run Clinical Trials

There is also a legitimate reason behind the lack of research on the subject of cupping therapy. The scientists have found out that it’s unworkable to carry out a double-blinded placebo controlled observations on a physical modality. This research constraint makes the results of many cupping-related studies inconclusive.  

Besides conventional research, a history of thousands of years proves that cupping has healing effects.  From ancient Egypt to China and the Middle East, cupping has been a standard medicinal procedure for centuries.

Myth: Anyone Can Do Cupping

Reality: Only trained holistic medicine practitioner can perform the procedure correctly.

Many take this myth regarding cupping therapy as a fact. In reality, you can’t become a professional cupping practitioner by watching YouTube tutorials. Always get training from a cupping expert before signing up for therapy. Fire cupping, particularly, needs the learning of a certain technique and a lot of practice.

Also, refrain from DIY cupping techniques even if it involves simple suction. The intended benefits of cupping therapy can only be realized when you get it from a professional who has expertise in a variety of holistic and alternative medical procedures.

Myth: Cupping Is a Trend

Reality: It has been around for thousands of years.

Like yoga, cupping is also termed as the fad of our times. Cupping might have become a fad, thanks to Michael Phelps who showed his cupping marks to the entire world during the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, to say that it’s just a fad and will die down is just plain wrong.

As mentioned before, cupping has been around for thousands of years. More than a fad, it’s folk medicine. Civilizations all around the world and throughout history have used cupping to treat inflammation and many other medical ailments.

Myth: Cupping Is a Standalone Treatment

Reality: Cupping is a part of holistic treatment.

Many people think cupping is an act of sorcery i.e. it will rid you of all your physical ailments. It is true that cupping improves tissue oxygenation that inculcates the feeling of relaxation and helps in pain management.

However, it’s not a single solution to all your medical issues. Cupping works in a holistic treatment regimen that comprises of more than one alternative therapeutic procedure. It gives desired results when it is mixed with acupuncture, corrective exercises, dietary modifications, etc.

The Unique Benefits of Cupping

Since we have addressed the myths and misinformation regarding cupping therapy, it is now fitting to have a look at some of its least-discussed benefits.

Lower Back Pain Reliever

According to one study, the stagnant lifestyle will eventually make nearly 80% of the US population a patient of chronic back pain. If you are looking for an alternative for high potency painkillers, then you should consider going for a cupping session. Without any side effects, a couple of cupping sessions can make you free of lower back pain for good.

Improves Bowel Movement

Cupping can also help in improving the digestive activity. It has been found out that stress directly affects the bowel movement. With today’s dietary choices, it becomes a serious problem leading to constipation. The stress relieving attributes of cupping also eases out the gut system and improves the bowel movement.

Make the Body Immune Against Flu and Cold

By sorting out the blood and lymphatic fluid within the body, cupping actually strengthens the body against seasonal flu, colds, and viral fevers.

The professional cupping sessions always bring therapeutic benefits and without any side effect.

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