Genius Deck Designs to Really Consider

choosing the right deck

Your deck has the ability to beautifully bridge gaps between the outdoors and indoors. It can provide comfortable and inviting spaces from where you can enjoy the view of your backyard. Decks can also be far from being their basic rectangles and be creatively customized to your lifestyle and the ambience of your home. Ofcourse, all of this depends on what you want your deck to represent.

Let’s give you a taste of how you can get creative with your deck designs:


  • Corner Decks


If you have a missing corner in the layout of your home, you can go ahead and fill the exterior space with corner decks that really complement their architecture. You may even try adding glass doors that give you a view of your beautiful deck and the outdoors from inside your home.


  • Party Decks


If your backyard is all about outdoor entertainment, then you should really think about adding some complementing features to your deck plan. Imagine a designated space for a hammock, an outdoor kitchen, some seating, and a fire pit – because, why not?


  • Mixed Materials Deck


Combing your wooden deck with some concrete elements is a very exquisite mix. This can also be done with concrete stairs or low walls as this is now becoming the norm of contemporary and urban homes. In addition to the stairs and the walls, you should definitely consider built-in bench seats.


  • A Tree-Hugging Deck


If you’re really going to be paying attention to the trees, flowers, and bushes in your yard, why don’t you take it a step further and custom fit your deck around a tree? You can go ahead and consult arborists before putting this deck plan into action in order to determine what size will be enough for your tree to mature.


  • A Petite Deck


Working smartly with decks in smaller yards can help make the space look larger and more usable than it really is. One way of doing so is to extend your deck into your yard where the wooden walkways are right next to mature Yucca trees and shrubs.


  • Dining Decks


Are you planning on eating alfresco in your backyard on your deck? Then you can choose to fit your dream dining table outside your home and possibly under a beautiful tree. Maybe even add string lanterns or lights from the branches for ambient lighting.


  • A Master Bedroom Deck


Decks don’t necessarily have to be at the main entrance of your home. You can choose to add a deck outside the master bedroom which has just enough space for a table and a pair of lounge chairs. This will make a perfect place to enjoy the spring weather with a book and a cool drink.


  • Destination Decks


Since we have established that decks don’t need to be attached to your home, why not make an entirely free-standing platform in a corner of your backyard? You can then choose to nestle it with trees, flowers, and a beautiful swing.

If you aren’t sure whether you should choose composite or wood decking, go ahead and compare both materials by following the link.

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