The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment: What Can You Expect?

benefits of chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative medicinal discipline which is based on the principle that spinal manipulation is the key to solving most of the body’s problems. While not all of its claims have been established or proven, chiropractic is one of the few alternative routes that the scientific community doesn’t speak against, especially when it comes to pain management and physiotherapy. Nevertheless, if you have been thinking about going to a chiropractor for some time, it is better to know what to expect beforehand.

There are No “Chiropractic Medicines”

In spite of being known as an alternative form of medicine, there are no ingestible meds that are specific to chiropractic care, which is a good sign. Most holistic care routines such as homeopathy and Ayurveda rely on herbal meds, which may interfere with the proven course of traditional treatment by reacting with, or impeding the actions of the drugs. As there are no drugs in chiropractic treatment, but only spinal and other joint manipulations are involved here, it will in no way interfere with your regular treatment. However, it can make it more effective nonetheless.

Chiropractors Can Successfully Treat Back Pain

One of the core benefits of Chiropractic is that it can practically and effectively treat back pain, which is a fact supported by medical studies conducted on the subject specifically. Lower back pain in particular seems to benefit from the spinal joint manipulations involved in the treatment, as supported by scientific studies mentioned earlier.

Chiropractors Can Also Aid with Various Other Forms of Pain Management

Although back pain is the most common reason why anyone seeks chiropractic care, it is certainly not the only type of pain or condition that can benefit from it. In fact, regular sessions with a well-trained and experienced chiropractor can even help you to avoid surgery in some situations.

The Inner Balance Institute in San Diego treats a whole range of medical problems that start with lower back pain management and relief, but certainly doesn’t end there. With the help of digital X-rays, EMG, thermography, posture assessment, orthopedic tests and other neurological examinations, the chiropractors and doctors at Inner Balance Institute will first diagnose any and all reasons responsible for the pain or discomfort that you are facing. Once they have the necessary information that they need to assess the situation accurately, you can expect the chiropractors to help you relieve headaches, neck pain, arthritic pain, hypertension, scoliosis and of course, sciatic back pain. As a side-effect, you may also experience various other life changing improvements, once the treatment begins to take effect.

Can Chiropractors Treat Ear Infections?

Some chiropractors do claim to be able to treat and cure minor ear infections, but that has not been established beyond doubt at this point of time. Nevertheless, the neurological alignment can relieve nerve induced ear pain for sure. If you do have an infection, chiropractic can be a supplemental treatment for it, alongside the antibiotics and everything else your ENT suggests.

In Which Circumstances is Chiropractic a Viable Option?

As long as you have some sort of joint pain that has been bothering you for a long time, you are eligible for at least a visit and a diagnosis from a chiropractic clinic. However, certain circumstances and types of situations are ideal for being treated successfully by chiropractic procedures, so go through the following and see if you can relate to any of the situations:

Misaligned Vertebrae – A displaced or misaligned vertebra is generally caused by sporting injuries, gym injuries and bad falls. If you find yourself to be in significant or constant pain after such an injury, you should get diagnosed by a chiropractor.

Poor Posture and Spinal Misalignment – unlike the situation mentioned above, poor posture is something that can slowly but more damagingly misalign the entire spine. This is generally a result of sitting and working on a computer for a long time, or exercising in poor posture. It affects the taller individuals more severely than the average or shorter person, but everyone is susceptible to complete spinal misalignment due to poor posture.

Inflammation of the Joints – Mostly osteoarthritis is to be blamed for joint inflammations, but in some cases, joints can also swell up due to stress and poor dietary choices. Thankfully, in both cases, chiropractic care has proven itself to be effective in treating the root causes and the symptoms effectively. Traditional treatment alongside the chiropractic sessions is advised for maximum effect and faster recovery.

SciaticaSciatica is a condition caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, which results in mild to severe pain and numbness that originates near your buttocks, but moves downwards to your legs and feet from there on. On some occasions, the pain can even spread to the upper back region as well.

As sciatica is caused by herniated discs that push on the sciatic nerve, leading to these symptoms, a chiropractor can prove to be immensely helpful here. They can directly push the connective tissue (vertebral disc), back inside the vertebra through the very crack it managed to push through. Surgery could be prevented with chiropractic, but in extreme cases, closing the crack down with a surgery after the chiropractor has pushed the gel like disc back inside the vertebra, is likely better for permanent relief.

Migraines – Migraines can be triggered by a whole range of stimulants, among which low blood sugar, stress, poor posture, inadequate rest, physical/psychological stress, muscular tension near the neck and shoulders are the most common reasons, although they are not the only ones.

As chiropractors can take care of almost everything from releasing muscular tension and physical stress, right down to realigning the spine to fix misalignments brought on by poor posture, they are the perfect professionals to treat migraines. You will still need to have a few chocolate chip cookies to cure a hypoglycemic migraine though!

As you can probably see by now, one can indeed expect a lot from chiropractic treatments, but only as long as the actual clinic is a good one, with licensed, trained and experienced chiropractors working there. Pain management with chiropractic spinal manipulation is a proven method, and if you have been on painkillers for a while now, it is really time that you tried something alternative for a change.


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