Top 6 Ways to Capture Your Family Summer Travel Memories


Here comes the summer. Vacation is on and there are a lot of memories to be made. I don’t know what you think, but I want to look back and remember all the memories about our adventure this summer as much as I want to be in the moment during our vacation travels. No doubt, I’ll upload my pictures and memories on Facebook and Instagram, but I want something that we can touch. Something that can help us to hold out memories in our hands.
As you begin to start your family summer, it’s essential to think about how to capture and preserve the fun of your upcoming summer memories. There are many ways to hold onto your summer adventures such as writing in a family travel journal to creating a personal blog to sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram with a particular hashtag, etc.

Take a look at these 6 ways to capture your family summer travel memories which will savor and share the best of your family summer.


  • Write in a Travel Journal


Writing in a travel journal is an incredible way to inspire kids to capture memories while allowing them to improve their writing skills as they put on paper of their travel experiences. You can search for travel journals on the internet or at discount stores. There are journals which provide sections to paste in postcards, photos, ticket stubs, and other travel souvenirs. So, inspire kids to leave space to jazz the pages.


  • Create a Travel Book


Kids nowadays love to express their creative potentials on their computers and tablets. So, it’s a must to make a photo album so that kids can share their adventures. Many video editing sites or photo editing tools online have a variety of travel-themed photo book templates to choose from. Kids love to out these photo books together and to have the print albums arrive a few days later in the mail.


  • Create a Personal Travel Blog


You can set up a personal travel blog for your family. It’s also effective for those kids who don’t like to write in a journal with a pencil. In a personal blog, you can upload photos, drop pins on locations you visited, enter travel dates and write stories about your travel journeys. Your folks can subscribe to your blogs to follow along as they go.


  • DIY Travel Map


There are a lot of travels maps available out there and they look great when they are filled and framed. Some scratch off maps come with push pins. The best ones among them have scratcher, memory stickers, and an eraser to clean magnifying strips and scratch smudges. DIY travel map is an awesome idea to capture your travel memories. I’ve seen this on Pinterest for years but I was never able to wrap my head around the time to sit down and make it. Fortunately, this is just print-and-cut. You can templates of all the states in the map. You just have to pick your favorite photos from states you’ve traveled, use the template to cut it out and stick on it. They also have little flags to stick onto the map to mark your favorite places.



  • Share Photos on Instagram


Set up an Instagram account so that you can take pictures to share throughout your trips. You can also create a unique hashtag so that you and your family can share trip photos and easily access to all the pictures on one screen. Following your travel adventures is also a fun way for your friends and family.


  • Take Short Videos


Encourage your family to take videos of their experiences to put up on Facebook and Instagram if you have iPhones, iPads, other devices that can record video. Video is an easy way to capture learning and silliness on several adventures. Also, consider cameras which can be attached to a helmet or handlebars, to make videos of bike rides, hikes, roller coasters, zip lines or other active adventures.

Video is the best idea to keep your travel memories, it’s pretty self-evident. Sometimes I wish that we’d taken a lot more videos of our travel. The video brings back so many memories from sounds to little details you may have forgotten. Pick up collectibles along the way to cherish each new experience beyond documenting travel memories through words, photos, and videos. There are many different kinds of souvenirs that you can collect with your kids such as magnets, postcards, snow globes, or coffee mugs. These souvenirs can serve you another interesting way to remember your summer travel memories.

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