How To Make Yourself Feel Better When You Have A Cold

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We all know there is no ‘cure’ for the common cold; it’s something that scientists have been working on for many decades, if not centuries, and they still haven’t been able to come up with any real solutions, although they have created a number of different products that will reduce the symptoms of a cold and allow you to get back to normality more quickly.

Not everyone wants to use those products, however, and they don’t like the idea of putting chemicals into their body, even if it will make them feel better when they have a cold. If you are of this opinion, don’t worry; there are a number of completely natural ways to make yourself feel better when you have a cold; here are some of the best.

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Drink Ginger Tea

A great cup of steaming hot ginger tea will do wonders for you when you have a cold. It will ease the pressure in your sinuses, and make your head feel less ‘woolly’ and heavy. For many people, this full feeling in the head can be one of the worst symptoms of a cold as it stops them from being able to think clearly and do things that they would normally be able to do both around the house and at work.

Ginger tea is great because it contains capsaicin and piperine, both of which are known to be useful in terms of healing. In fact, they are so powerful that the effects of drinking ginger tea can be felt straight away. As an additional benefit, ginger tea also contains gingerol which reduces the inflammation within the nose. Breathing will be easier and the pressure across your forehead will disappear.

fight a cold with chicken soup

Eat Chicken Soup

You may well have been given chicken soup by well-meaning parents when you were a child, and you had a cold, and you might have believed that this hearty, warming, tasty broth was nothing more than an old wives’ tale when it came to making you feel better, but it actually works and is one of the best things you can eat when you are feeling sick.

Chicken soup contains lots of essential nutrients which boost the immune system, helping to reduce the symptoms of your cold. Not only that, but your body will be better hydrated and your nasal passages will be cleared. Including vegetables in the soup is important since they will help you to recover more quickly by fighting off the virus. Noodles aren’t necessary, but if you can add them, they have their own way of helping too; they make you feel full which enables you to rest more and that also helps with the recovery process.

drink water for a cold

Drink Water

It is easy to forget to drink enough water when you are sick; you might be concentrating on resting and not want to get up to get a glass, for example. However, if you don’t stay hydrated, your recovery will take longer, and in the worst cases, you can become even more sick than you were before.

Try sipping water throughout the day, and you’ll really notice a difference. If you don’t enjoy the taste, look into installing a water filter from this site to remove any additional bacteria and nasty tastes and smells. You could also try adding lemon or honey to it. Not only does this make it taste more palatable, but the lemon and honey will soothe a sore throat if you have one, which will help you to feel better more quickly.


The Power Of Steam

Water can be used in a number of ways to help ease the symptoms of a cold, including using steam. Inhaling steam, whether through having a cup of hot beverage (perhaps the ginger tea as mentioned earlier) or drawing a hot bath, or even sitting with your head over a bowl of hot water covered with a cloth, can help make you feel better when you have a cold.

The steam works by opening up your airways and nasal passages which will have been affected by the cold you have caught. If you can add aromatherapy oils to the water you are using to create steam that’s even better; use tea tree, peppermint, or eucalyptus and you will find that your airways open up even more quickly, and you’ll enjoy the scent too helping you to stick with the process for longer.

sleep off a cold

Rest Up

Everyone is busy and the idea of resting when we catch a cold can be something we dismiss right away. After all, it will get better eventually, won’t it? Although that’s technically true, if you don’t take the time to rest up when you have a cold, it will take your body a lot longer to fight off the virus, and you might find that the illness lasts for many weeks, perhaps going and returning many times.

If you can manage to rest up for a day or two, your body will have nothing to do but fight the virus; you won’t be asking it to do anything else at the same time. That means you will feel better more quickly. Trying to do too much is bad for our health in general, and it’s good to stop every once in a while. Take the opportunity to do so when you are feeling sick and you will be glad you did.


Make Your Own Chest Salve

If you are really struggling to rest properly because breathing is difficult due to the cold on your chest, you might be inclined to make your own chest salve and ease the problem that way. Although you can buy these salves, if you make your own you will know exactly what is in it, and that it is entirely natural.

You don’t need a lot to create a working chest salve. The ingredients include:

There really is not much to it. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over a medium heat and then take off the heat and allow to cool. As it is cooling, add the peppermint oil. The more you add, the more the salve will smell, so it is your choice as to how much goes in. Stir it all around and pour it into the airtight container. Leave it to cool completely and when it has it will turn to a paste that you can use as a salve and ease the congestion you are feeling.

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