How To Lower Your Stress Levels


Stress is a part of life, and most of the time there is no getting away from it. That’s not usually a bad thing. When we’re stressed at home or at work, it makes us achieve more, boosting our productivity and ensuring that we hit deadlines and solve problems. Stress is also useful when it comes to our own safety; when we are feeling stress, our body will be alert to danger around us, and ready to run if need be – our reactions are sharper and quicker.

However, sometimes things can go wrong, and the stress that we are meant to be feeling for a moment instead lasts for much longer; it may not go at all. As opposed to normal stress, chronic stress is extremely bad for our health, both physically and mentally, and needs to be dealt with quickly. When we are suffering from long term stress, the chances of having a stroke due to high blood pressure, a heart attack, or developing heart disease (amongst other things) increase. Plus we just don’t feel happy in ourselves. Here are some ways to lower your stress levels in order to enjoy life once more.

Seek Professional Help

Although there are some excellent ways to combat stress by yourself, and we will go into these shortly, you must remember that chronic stress is a condition that can and sometimes should be looked into by professionals. They may be able to uncover the underlying cause, which helps to make stress easier to treat. They may also be able to suggest the ideal course of treatment for your individual case.

You can start by going to your doctor who will be able to determine whether you are suffering from chronic stress. After this, you will have a number of choices depending on the severity of your condition. Anger management can be a great way to lower your stress levels, for example, and if you feel that this could help you, read more now. Other options include medication, speaking to a therapist, or the following home methods if your condition is treatable in this way.


We know that a massage is a great way to relax, but did you know that relaxation is the key to lowering stress levels? The more relaxed you are, the less you will feel stress, and that’s a good thing. Therefore, having a soothing massage is a great and enjoyable way to reduce your stress levels.

When you have a massage, the hormones in your body will become better balance, and the amount of stress hormone, called cortisol, will be reduced whereas the amount of the happy hormone, called serotonin, will rise. This balance will make you feel calmer and happier, and you will certainly feel less stressed.

Soak In The Tub

It’s incredible how much good water can do for us, and when it comes to stress the results are no different. Soaking in a warm bath can make a huge difference when it comes to how stressed you feel, and how relaxed you can become.

To make sure the bath is the perfect place to relax, make sure the water isn’t too hot, otherwise, you will raise your blood pressure and feel unwell, plus you won’t feel the benefits of relaxation. Add some essential oils or bubble bath, or similar wonderful smelling additions, or light some scented candles so that you can really just lie back and breathe in the scents and enjoy the sensations around you.


You will certainly have heard of meditation, but it may not be something that you utilize in your daily life. If not, and whether you are chronically stressed or not, it is a great thing to be able to do to make good days better and bad days good. Meditation can be hard to begin with as it involves completely tuning out anything that is going on around you, including all the thoughts and feelings in your brain. However, practice will help you to get to a point where you are able to truly relax and enjoy the results (including lower stress levels) that come with it.

Just 10 minutes of meditation a day is enough to relax you and stop you from feeling so stressed. It doesn’t need to interfere with your usual routine; you can do it when you wake up, in the shower, just before bed, or even during your lunch break.


Regular exercise has a number of fantastic benefits including the fact that it will help you to lose weight and to be more active and fit and healthy generally. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress. That’s because, when you exercise, you are focusing wholly on the task at hand, and this allows you to stop thinking about all the things that are causing you stress. It will send signals from your brain to the rest of your body which will say that all is well and there is nothing to be concerned about, allowing you to relax even more. When you have finished, you will feel happy and accomplished, and stress will feel far away.

When you stop exercising, and your mind starts to think of these things again, in many cases they won’t seem quite so bad, and you may even have come up with answers to the questions you were worrying about.

Keep A Journal

Many people who have serious stress problems feel that keeping a journal can help them. It is their chance to write down everything they are feeling and get their thoughts out of their heads and down onto paper. You can then use that journal to look back and work out what it is that is causing you to stress (sometimes it is not something obvious), or you can ritually destroy the paper it is all written on, which can also make you feel better.

No matter what you do with the results, the act of writing down your worries and feelings can do wonders to reduce your stress levels.

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