7 Ways To Spruce Up The Outside Of Your Home


Curb appeal matters a great deal when it comes to enjoying your house currently and putting it up on the market to sell one day. There are seven ways in particular for how you can spruce up the outside of your home and make it look a lot nicer and more attractive.

The best part is that these are projects you can do yourself when you have a little extra time on your hands such as on the weekends. Not only will your neighbors appreciate you making these upgrades, but they’re updates you’ll be able to enjoy and take pleasure in for the time being as well.


  • Paint Your Front Door


One way to spruce up the outside of your home is to paint your front door. Don’t be afraid to choose a bright hue that pops and brings some color and life to your exterior. Take a look around online and at homes in your area to get a better idea of what shades might be best suited for your property. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to also replace old hardware with a more modern and striking option.


  • Put in A Pond


You can also spruce up the outside of your home and backyard by putting in a new pond. Refer to this blog for tips on how you can get rid of algae that accumulates so you can keep it looking nice. There are all different styles, designs, and sizes available for you to choose from so do your homework before selecting a final pond display. You can also think about including a small waterfall and surrounding rocks to add to your pond to create a serene and relaxing scene. If you make it large enough, you may even think about going for a swim in it to cool off when it’s hot and humid outside.


  • Plant Flowers & A Garden


Take time to plant a few of your favorite flowers around your home and garden if you want to spruce up your outdoor space. This is an opportunity to add some more color to an otherwise green and brown landscape design. You should also consider planting and maintaining a garden and filling it with fresh vegetables and herbs you can use to cook with in the summertime. Gardening is a very relaxing and soothing activity to perform and a way to keep yourself busy when the weather is nice.  


  • Decorate Your Front Porch


Your front porch is your chance to make a great first impression on passersby and those entering your home. There’s so much you can do even if you’re working with a small space, such as:

  • Chairs or a bench
  • Area rug
  • Planters
  • A fan
  • Wreath or a floral arrangement on the door
  • Side or end table

A nice and inviting front porch can instantly make your home appear more attractive and well maintained. There are plenty of images online to review so you can get a better idea of what looks you might like best before following through with this project.


  • Install A New Mailbox


Believe it or not, people do notice your mailbox, and it’s a small detail that can have a major impact on the look of your home. An old and rusty mailbox will drag down the appearance of the exterior of your home and give off the impression that you don’t truly care what your house looks like from the outside. This is your chance to get creative and install one that’s colorful, decorative and draws your eye in and grabs your attention for all the right reasons.


  • Refinish & Refurnish Your Deck


Improving the ambiance of your backyard is a huge opportunity to take your home to the next level. Think of your backyard as an extension or extra square footage of your home that can be used when the weather is nice. Spruce up the outside of your house by refinishing your deck or adding a patio if you don’t already have one. In addition, be sure to take the time to refurbish your deck or patio with brand new furniture that brightens up the space and is comfortable to sit on. Offer a variety of seating options depending on how many people are hanging out in your backyard at one time.

This area can be used for days you want to relax and read a book or when you wish to entertain guests. Consider building an outdoor kitchen or creating a designated spot to grill so you can serve food and drinks on your patio when visitors are over. Include décor, accessories and decorative items to help increase the attractiveness of your outdoor space as well.


  • Add Lighting


Adding more lighting to the outside of your home is a chance to highlight certain areas of your outdoor space or to set the right kind of mood. For instance, line your driveway or walkway with ground lights or physically string lights around your deck or patio area to add extra light when the sun goes down. Think of how beautiful your house will look at night time when you’re careful and mindful about what lights to include where. Also, you may want to string bulbs from plants, greenery, and trees to bring out their beauty when dusk sets in.


Use these ideas to quickly boost your home’s curb appeal and make the outside of your property shine. You’ll likely find that you’re able to complete most, if not all, of these home improvement projects on your own without having to hire professional help. Just give them a try, and you’ll notice how much more in love you are with your home when you implement these types of changes throughout your outdoor space. They won’t go unnoticed by your neighbors and potential buyers when it’s time to sell your property, so know they’ll be well worth your investment, time and energy.

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