10 Incredible Gifts Your Loved One’s Will Never Forget


So, you are searching for that gift that will remain etched in memory, unsurpassed by the passing of time. There are several reasons that it can be difficult to buy a gift for someone you care about; maybe they just aren’t into material things, or perhaps they simply have it all already. If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving (giving incredible memories that is), then you will want to read this list. In fact, forget everything you thought you knew about gift giving because none of these are even physical gifts.

Whatever the case, this unique list will provide you several gift ideas to think about. While not all of them will be cheap, there will be something to fit everyone’s budget and interests.

  1. Something for the Wine Lovers

Does your friend love a good wine? Or, any wine for that matter?

With this gift, you could give your oenophiles friend the gift of his or her dreams; blending there very own signature wine. The process usually involves a sommelier taking charge, and leading the participant(s) through the process of mixing and blending the wine. And in some cases, the bottle can even be personalized with signature artwork.

There are several places that offer this, and if you can’t find any close enough to where you live, or you are on more of a budget, then think about gifting a wine tasting instead. Yes, it is less exciting, but it still makes for a memorable present.

  1. For the Adventure Seekers

If you are looking for a gift for a friend that puts experiences over material possessions, then the chances are high that your friend will appreciate this gift. Not only will an annual pass for the national parks be a unique gift, if your friend loves to be adventuring in the rugged outdoors, then this is a gift that will be appreciated beyond measure. If you live in the US, then this type of pass will enable access to all the 59 National Parks spanning the country and, what’s even better, is that the pass holder is eligible to bring up to three adults in as well.

  1. Something to Pamper the body, mind or soul (or all three)

Not everyone can spare a couple of thousand dollars for a gift, but if you can, then a retreat will be a gift well worth the investment. There are many retreats in exotic locations such as the Bali and Hawaii, or even in the mystic Himalayas.

For a similar gift that won’t break the bank, you could book a spa weekend or day pass to as a gift to help rewind the mind and recharge the body.

  1. For the Driving Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a fun gift, then a trip to the local go-kart ring could be a great gift idea. This is especially true for sons looking to gift their dad something special. If you dad enjoys watching Formula 1 or enjoys cars in general, taking him to the local track where you can race against each other is a great way to give a gift and create memories of moments your father will cherish.

  1. For the Sea Lovers

How does the thought of a Sunday Brunch sound on a Catamaran? Or a day’s trip out on a sailing boat?

This gift is the perfect one for those that love sailing and the sea, but who do not have their own sailing boat or yacht.

  1. For the Fisherman

If your friend or loved one loves the sea, but would prefer to spend a Sunday fishing for lunch instead of having a lazy brunch, perhaps a day trip fishing would be more memorable. Take the time to find a reliable company, with food and beverages provided, and you can set up a fun-filled day of fishing.

  1. For the Art Fanatics

What about something more cultural?

If the person you are buying the gift for has a taste for the arts, then this a museum pass is a great idea. If you want to make the present extra special, find out which museums near you offer after-hours tours. These kinds of visits take the participants on a journey that not many will be able to witness; an intimate tour into the heart of the museum’s culture, without all the hustle and bustle of the everyday folk.

  1. For the Foodies

How about something tastier?

A cooking class is a fun gift idea for those who love to cook, and who want to learn new cooking skills. If it is in your budget, you could book a cooking class with a Michelin-star chef to learn how to prepare fine dining food. Another (even better) idea, is to schedule a conscious cooking class or an ayurvedic cooking class. In this way, not only will you gift the opportunity to learn about cooking, but you will be gifting a chance to learn about healthy eating.

  1. For the Star Gazing Romantics

One of the most memorable and unique gifts that you could give is the opportunity to name a visible US star. If you want to turn this into one of the best gifts a person could get, visit the site

to convert the star into a gift set. You will be able to get the certified star name in a frame as well as a presentation box. The gift set is beautifully crafted and will be one of the best gifts a person could ever receive.

  1. Another One for the Adventure Hungry

Although not in everyone’s price range, booking a helicopter tour will be giving the gift of an unforgettable experience. Whether you live in New York and can fly over the Statue of Liberty or you live on a pristine coastline where panoramic views of nature will stun you into silence, a helicopter tour will be a gift to provide memories to last a lifetime.

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