Keeping the Memory Alive: 7 Tips for Preserving Your Family Photos


Time is always pressing forward. Whether someone is going through a good time or a bad that state of being won’t last. From the very beginning of human existence, people have pushed back against the passage of time by preserving memories of people or events.  The ultimate primitive method for making a lasting record was carving on the stone and the ultimate modern method is pictures and video.

The amount of pictures that the average person takes has increased greatly in the past decade and is a trend that has no end in sight. The accessibility to relatively high-quality cameras does not ensure that what is captured will be remembered. Phones die, film deteriorates, and people often forget that they took a picture at all. Here are 7 tips for preserving your family photos.

Metal Prints

One way to preserve memories is to print pictures in ways that will stand the test of time. Unique photo print is a method of printing that does not require a paper-like material. Special technology allows printing to be done on metals that not only provide really neat color effects but ensures that your pictures will be around for a longer period of time because of the durability of metal versus paper.

Unique photo printing results in one of your pictures displayed in a way that merits being hung in a prominent place. It is a terrific conversation piece as guests will be drawn to the uniqueness which will give you a perfect opportunity to relive whatever your picture captures. One of the downsides to a lot of different picture hanging or framing options is the price. Somewhat surprisingly, this type of unique print option is very competitive and reasonable.

Paint Copies

If you are looking for the most traditional method of keeping your memories alive then you can look into getting copies of your pictures made by an artist. Depending on the skill level and experience of an artist, there are countless options as to what material the photo is replicated on and what medium is used to recapture what is shown in the photograph. There are many artists who specialize in this type of work and often only require access to the desired photo to get started.

The end result can be a masterpiece that has a dignified and old world feel. In many cases, this human touch enhances feelings of nostalgia connected to the memory that the scene preserves. This is another unique piece that deserves to be displayed. An appropriately sized paint copy can be hung on any wall in nearly any style of home.


For some people, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to keeping photographs on hand. The simple and venerable scrapbook is a time tested way to amass a large number of photos in one place for the viewing pleasure of any who are so inclined. Keeping your memory sharp does not need to cost a lot.  Scrapbooking is among the least expensive methods of preserving photos and can be tailored to meet any style considerations. If cost is not a driving factor then it is helpful to know that there are companies who will compose a professionally bound scrapbook.

The downsides to scrapbooks are their fragility. Often after just a few decades, they begin to exhibited signs of wear. They are also especially sensitive to disaster conditions like fires or floods. This can be mitigated by storing your scrapbooks in a disaster-proof safe, but this adds to the overall cost and complexity of this method of preserving photos.


Whatever method of preservation you choose, an applicable tip is to get everything in at least duplicate. Two photos stored apart from each other gives a measure of security against times when disaster does strike. Storing your most important pictures at your house and having the duplicates displayed in your office at work, for instance, would be one way to protect the memory if they were to be lost or damaged at either location.

Another benefit to duplicates is your ability to share your memories with people who would want to cherish them. Even if there is a picture of a single person, obtaining multiple copies will be greatly appreciated by that person’s posterity.

Cloud Storage

A very modern tip for keeping memories alive is to utilize cloud storage services. Impervious to the disasters that can steal away traditional methods, the cloud exists in the airwaves and is very reliable. There are several free online operations that can store thousands of pictures. This extremely helpful in storing pictures that you don’t want to be framed or printed our necessarily, but don’t want to lose all the same.

Electronic Picture Frames

Space is limited and there will never be enough room to hang all of the framed pictures that you would want. One way to alleviate the need for more space is to use a frame that can display more photos. Electronic picture frames come in many styles and sizes and can show gigabytes worth of pictures. This essentially turns the space that normally would be occupied by a single memory, into a comprehensive ode to a whole vacation, birthday, wedding, or whatever else you want to remember.

This digital frames can also be updates whenever is convenient to add to the list of pictures that it cycles through. They provide a spontaneous piece of furniture and will be great conversation starters as your interesting life is displayed for any guests to view.

Classic Frames

Despite the advantages of modern methods for keeping memories alive, there is nothing that does that job in quite the same way that a classic print in a frame does. Large frames and large photo prints can be expensive but they enhance the memory by enshrining it forever in something that can be a work of art all on its own.

Mix and Match

The point of these tips is to broaden your view as to how you can keep your memories alive. There is no need to swear allegiance to one of the forms discussed. Try the ones that are most appealing to you and always keep an eye toward preserving memories of good times not only for yourself but for the next generations.


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