Eliminating Carbs from Your Diet – One Gram at a Time


It’s that time of year when people begin thinking about the summer and regretting what they did in the winter. The pressure of weight loss season is upon everyone as they all run around looking for ways to shed pounds fast. One tried and trusted method of melting away pounds is the popular keto diet. In a nutshell, the keto diet is based on the concept of eliminating carbs in all forms in order to encourage the body to enter ketosis. When the body goes into ketosis, it burns fat at a more accelerated rate. For years now people have known that consuming excess carbs leads to extra flab, but breads, cereals, sugars, and pastas are still flying off grocery shelves. Here are some ways that you can eliminate carbs from your diet without feeling deprived.

The Science Behind Keto

There are three main types of energy that food can be broken down into, which are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You cannot go an extended period of time without eating all three types of energy, however, it is best to keep both fats and carbohydrates to a minimum. What the keto diet aims to do is get people to lose weight by taking away almost all of the carbs that are present in the standard American diet. By eating only protein and fat, the body has to burn the carbs that it already has stored. Try this new recipe for a delicious dessert if you are looking for an example of what is in store for you on the keto diet. Because carbohydrates are found in lots of different food groups, you will need to alter your pantry if you are going to stay on this bandwagon. However, after you have made the right adjustments and have the correct ingredients, you can make any low carb or carb free food taste amazing.

What’s in a Carb?

Carbohydrates are an energy source that is most abundant in sugary and starchy food, and absolutely everyone needs to consume them to live. The problem is that humans are eating entirely too many carbs and they aren’t able to burn off what they are putting into their bodies. Although people watching their weight might inherently think that carbs are terrible, they are very important and can actually be good for the body. So, a complex carbohydrate that you would find in brown rice or a multi-grain bread is much better than the carbs found in say, white bread. You can avoid taking in excess carbohydrates while being very particular about the carbs that you do put into your body.  

Going All Out Versus Easing In

If your intention is to eliminate all extra carbs from your body, you should know the pros and cons of easing into things versus going all in. In the event that you started the keto diet on a Monday, you would likely shed a couple of pounds by Friday. At the same time, you would also feel the effects of having virtually eliminated all carbs at once. This means that everything sweet in your diet would come from a sugar substitute. You would be eating a lot more meat and fat, which could impact your digestive tract. Going hardcore keto will help you to lose weight faster, but it will also be easier for you to eventually want to break your diet in the worst kind of way. Eliminating foods that you know have a high carbohydrate content, incorporating more leafy greens into your diet, and keeping a good balance can help you to get rid of excess carbs for good.

Finding Sugar Where You Would Least Suspect It

Many people starting the keto and similar low carb diets think they have the sugar dilemma all worked out. Simply avoid sodas, cakes, juices, and cookies and you can get rid of all the extra sugar. The problem is that there is sugar in almost everything, right down to vegetables. So, just like watching the amount of carbs that you eat, you really have to know where sugar is hiding in your diet. A seemingly healthy meal replacement drink could be loaded with sugars. Your favorite sandwich bread likely has a lot more sugar than you would expect it to have in it. Look at the dietary label on all packaged food and look up everything else, such as fruits, vegetables, and serving sizes so you don’t accidentally load yourself up on sugars.

Avoiding Getting Sucked into Eating Too Many Carbs

When you avoid doing something on a mental level, your mind can start to play tricks on you. Eat a healthy breakfast with enough calories but few carbs and you might hear your stomach rumbling a few minutes later. Drink an entire liter of water and you might still feel ‘thirsty’ if your body is used to you drinking a large amount of soda. There is no doubt about it; your body will crave all of those decadent carbs as soon as you begin avoiding them. Don’t get sucked into those cravings and try to temper the amount of carbohydrates that you eat every day. It will be really hard to keep yourself balanced and focused when you follow a low carb lifestyle at first, but your body and mind will catch up.

Just start eliminating excess carbs one item at a time. If you drink coffee each day, see if there is another drink that will make you feel energized that contains less sugar. Try eating wraps instead of sandwiches made with traditional bread. There are plenty of sweet treats that have minimal amounts of sugar if you just have to have your fix. The great part about eating low carb is that it encourages you to cook for yourself regularly. If you make your own meals, you know what is in it, so it also feels safer for you to enjoy foods that actually taste really good. Your body and mind might miss the carbs at first, but you can outsmart yourself as well as retrain your body.

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