What To Do When You’re Feeling Lonely


The reality is that no matter who you are or how fulfilled you feel, it’s possible that you’ll experience a sense of loneliness at some point in your life. It’s in your best interest to attend to these emotions versus trying to ignore them because they’re likely not going to simply go away on their own.

Be glad to know there are several steps or actions you can take when you’re feeling lonely to help you through this uncomfortable or distressing time. What’s most important is that you recognize that it’s okay to feel and be lonely once in a while and understand that a lot of people can relate to what you’re going through.

Acknowledge & Accept Your Feelings

Your first step when you’re feeling lonely is to acknowledge and accept your feelings for what they are. Sit with them for a while and notice what thoughts are going through your mind as you try to make sense of the situation. There’s no reason to blame yourself or feel ashamed for experiencing a sense of loneliness. Trying to brush your emotions aside and disregard them is only going to make you feel worse in the long run. The less you try to fight your feelings of loneliness that easier time you’re going to have to work through what’s on your mind.

Connect with Others

A great plan of action when you’re feeling lonely is to connect with others both online and offline. For example, see options here for trying to find a romantic interest who you can connect with and get to know on a deeper level. It’ll be nice to find someone who you share common interests with and who you can chat and engage in conversation with. This may also be a good time to call up an old friend or have coffee with a family member who you like spending time with and catch up on what’s happening in each of your lives.

Join A Club or Organization

There are plenty of different clubs and organizations out there for you to join and become a part of. All you have to do is be willing to sign up and put yourself out there. This is an excellent way to meet people and also put some of your talents to use. You’ll not only feel less lonely once you’re involved in an alliance with others, but you might also discover additional ways for how you enjoy spending your time you weren’t aware of before having this experience. Think about what it is you like to do or want to find out more about such as skiing or learning how to cook.

Journal Your Feelings

When you’re feeling lonely, it may be a good time to self-reflect and embrace the alone time. One idea is to journal how you’re feeling and explore reasons why you’re currently in this state of mind and ways you might be able to help yourself move on and find brighter days ahead. You’re likely to discover that you feel a lot better overall after completing this exercise and allowing yourself time to sift through your emotions.  

Watch A Funny Movie or Television Show

Sometimes all you need is to laugh and have some fun to get you out of your slump. You may find you feel less lonely when you engage in an activity that will lift your spirits such as watching a funny movie or television show. Keep in mind that the solution to curing your loneliness isn’t always about being with other people, but that you can also seek relief from non-human friends (i.e., pets) and activities as well. A little bit of laughter is good for the soul and will likely be a good option for helping to ease any pain you’re feeling from the loneliness.

Start A Hobby  

Another idea for what to do when you’re feeling lonely is to start a new hobby. Explore your options and find an activity that keeps you preoccupied in your free time and uses your talents and abilities. It won’t be long before you’re having a good time and forgetting the fact that you ever felt lonely. It’s also an excellent way to meet new people and start to formulate a group of friends who you can hang around with even outside of your hobby. Some ideas include:

  • Playing sports
  • Cycling
  • Participating in trivia night
  • Performing arts
  • Taking courses and workshops

Volunteer Your Time

Help someone in need, and you’ll instantly feel more connected to the world and less lonely. Volunteering your time will help you to see that you’re not alone after all and there are many others out there who could use some companionship as well. You’ll not only be giving back to your community and those who need help, but you might also meet new people and develop friendships in the process. Pick a charity or event that interests you and it won’t even feel like work and will be a more enjoyable experience. This is an excellent way to turn the focus off of yourself and toward someone who could genuinely use a helping hand.

Listen to Music

Sometimes engaging in creative activities such as listening to music or writing your own lyrics can help you feel less lonely. It’s fun and takes your mind off of the fact that you may be experiencing a down stretch in your life. Don’t be afraid to turn it up loud and express yourself by singing or dancing along to the music. This is not only a great way to feel less lonely but to also relieve some stress you’ve been feeling lately due to your lonesomeness. Music has a way of releasing the positive chemicals in your brain and helping you to see that your life may not be as bad as you’re making it out to be in your head. Most importantly, use music as a chance to not take yourself so seriously and let loose and have a little fun.

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