9 Activities for People Who Have Limited Mobility


Whether it is age related, a condition someone was born with, a result of an accident or an inherited disorder, there are many reasons someone may lose their ability to walk or become less mobile. When people have limited mobility, activities they may have enjoyed in the past or have always been interested in may become too difficult or even impossible. However, losing mobility doesn’t mean that good times have to end. There are many ways people can have fun without having to move around too much. To help give you inspiration, here are nine activities for people who have limited mobility.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Book

For both older and younger adults, reading is a great activity. It can provide entertainment, keep the brain engaged, and it can even be used to educate. Reading can also help with memory, decrease stress, help with sleep, and can delay the progression of cognitive decline. There are also many types of things to read, for example, books, magazines, newspapers, and e-readers, so you will never be short of entertainment. Then there are audiobooks and storybooks with photographs which provide a more immersive experience, especially when learning a new topic or telling a story. Organizing book clubs can make this activity more sociable.

Research Some New Hobbies

Having a hobby is great for people of all ages. Not only does it give you something to look forward to attending weekly, but it also gives you something to focus on when outside of that activity. Not all activities require physical movement. Examples of hobbies to consider are cooking, bird watching, baking, crochet, knitting, indoor gardening, container gardening, learning an instrument or learning a language. Exploring hobbies and interests that you have always been interested in can be extremely rewarding. Learning can also keep people sharp and helps them avoid boredom.

Have an Exercise Regime

Exercising is very important for all people, this is especially important for someone who has reduced mobility. There is a range of exercises that can be done to keep someone’s body moving without them having to be on their feet. For more ideas, you can click the link to find out more. Making sure you have the ability to access the outdoors on your own is also recommended, for example, ramp installation. Whether you sit or stand, health and mood benefits can still be acquired, especially via chair yoga or an exercise routine. There are also routines that can be carried out using a walker for stabilization or more focus can be paid to the ankles and feet to help decrease swelling.

Creativity is Important

Making sure people stay in touch with their creative side is great fun. Drawing, painting, coloring or making sculptures are all fantastic ways to keep entertained while being creative. You can also have a look into some fun projects such as making a scrapbook, organize photo albums, or make a recipe book for the family. There are also health benefits that come alongside being creative. These include a reduction in negative emotions, an increase in positive emotions, a reduction in anxiety and stress, and an improvement in medical outcomes.

The Great Outdoors

Getting some fresh air outside and spending time in both the natural and urban world are great ways to become one with the world you live in. Being outside can help improve people’s mood as well as relax them, especially when that person is around nature. Even if mobility is limited and your situation means you can’t get yourself that far from home, just sitting by the window or an open door to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery is a lovely activity that can be enjoyed most days.

Keep Your Friends and Family Close

Getting family and friends, especially those with young kids or friendly pets to visit is a brilliant method of engagement and can be a great way to bring some life into the home. Most people perk up and become more aware when children or cute pets are around. Petting and playing with an animal has been scientifically proven to cheer people up and reduce a person’s stress.

Play Plenty of Games

Board games, puzzles, video games, and other interactive forms of gaming can be a great source when it comes to creating a fun time. These experiences can be enjoyed both alone, or with other people, including guests. Video games are great when it comes to meeting new people as you can interact and game with people you meet online. Obviously, you need to be cyber aware when it comes to online gaming. There are so many different games available that come in so many varieties, so there is never a lack of entertainment when it comes to gaming. Classic games such as cards, jigsaws, and crosswords shouldn’t be forgotten about either.

Embrace the Television and Music

It isn’t healthy to watch TV all day, but a movie or a few TV shows during the day can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all people. You can also intersect TV with a hobby. An example of this is watching a documentary on a particular topic that you are learning about in your spare time. Then there are channels that teach you about food and travel. Music is a fantastic mood booster. Listening and singing along to music is a brilliant and fun way to decrease stress, pain and anxiety levels. This can also improve how well the immune system functions; sleeping can improve as well as memory.

Try Being Charitable

Even if someone has reduced mobility, there is no reason they can’t give back to the world. Charity work or giving back to the locals is a great way to keep engaged, feel more accomplished, and to feel like you have a purpose. It is also very easy to get into. Just contact local charities, hospitals or religious groups to see what projects they have available is a great way place to start.

As you can see, there isn’t a lack of activities to participate in if you or someone you know has limited mobility. Whatever you decide to partake in, make sure it is safe and approved by a medical professional if you are unsure. Now get out there and enjoy yourselves.

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