Things to Help Baby Sleep through the Night

baby sleep

Babies stay awake in the night and this can disrupt your sleep patterns. There are many reasons why babies stay awake in the night. You can follow these methods and do these things to help baby sleep through the night. It gives you sound sleep and also helps set a sleep routine for your baby growing from an infant into a toddler. Creating a bedtime routine for the baby at an early stage is useful to let the baby get sleep and create a body clock for them to follow as they grow.

Make a different feed for daytime and nighttime

Keep the feeds at the night light so that the baby is able to fall asleep in the night time. Keep the day time feeds lively and feed them with variety so that they stay active during the day and fall to quiet sleep in the night time. The baby will sleep calmly without waking up in the night and stay active during the day time when you follow this simple rule of giving active feeds during day time and calm feeds during the night time.

Create a calm surrounding when putting a baby to sleep

A half-an-hour before putting a baby to sleep, turn off the television and all of the electronic devices and set the white noise if it helps that creates a soothing environment for the baby to sleep in. This lets the baby calm down and not stay active and it gradually puts them to sleep.

Cuddle up with your baby

Comfort your baby by cuddling up to your baby and putting it to sleep. It will let the baby know that it is time to sleep. Doing this daily will set a routine and give the sign to the baby that it is sleep time. Keep the night time feed simple till the baby is 6 months old. After the baby grows into 6 months, it will not need a night time feed and you can sleep next to the baby comforting it and putting it to sleep.

Let the baby learn to sleep on her own

Babies sleep for 40 minutes during the day time and regular interval and have these short naps during the day time. Let the baby learn to settle on her own. This lets them fall asleep quickly without you having to comfort or using any other mechanism to put them to sleep.

Keep the diet liquid up to 6 months

Do not feed solid foods, especially, in the night when you want to put the baby to sleep. Solid food can bring in allergies or any other complications which makes it difficult for the baby to sleep at the night. Always feed two to three hours before you are going to put the baby to sleep.

Give a warm bath to the baby before bedtime

Do not use soap only use warm water to give the baby a warm bath before putting them to bed. This will trigger drowsiness and set them up to sleep during the night time. This is one of the methods you can use to put an active baby to sleep during the night time and set up a routine.

Swaddle the baby

An active baby can get distracted looking at the objects or any other stimulants inside the room. For the baby to calm down swaddle the baby if they are less than 6 months old and put them to sleep. You can also feed them with breast or bottle milk to calm them down before going to sleep. Older babies stay awake for a longer time and can be put to sleep using light and ambient music and soothing them with cuddles. Infants get sound sleep in the night through swaddling.

Use sleeping props

A few infants and babies sleep with toys or props given to them during sleep time. These are the things to help baby sleep through the night. If you see that your baby is tired or yawning, you can give them a sleep prop such as their favorite soft blanket, a soft toy, or swinging them to sleep.

It is essential to understand the baby routine to create a better sleep pattern and routine for them so they do not stay awake in the night. You need to observe your baby and create better feeds so they stay calm during the night time and have their set of naps during the day time.

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