Outstanding Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Life is exciting for a 9 year old girl. There are so many new things to know and learn. They watch and learn and love to play many interesting indoor and outdoor games. You can choose from these outstanding birthday gifts for a 9 year old girl which are fun and educational. It boosts their cognitive ability and creativity and lets them have fun at the same time. Choose from the gifts below to make them smile on their birthday.


Awesome Birthday Gifts For A 9 Year Old Girl

1. Spirograph Design Set

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Kids and adults together play this game and lock the gears together. From these design sets you can draw many spiraling designs. Kids can create colorful motifs from these sets and show off their artistic talent making parents proud. Hours of fun and activity keeps the kids busy in constructive activities.

2. Disney Princess Cupcake Party Game



Girls just love these kind of games. Gift the 9 year old girl this cupcake party game and they will enjoy playing it with their playmates. It comes with an instruction set and a recipe manual letting the girls have fun for many hours. Girls can play with the ingredients and glitter and enjoy the Disney cupcake party and have all the fun.

3. Mermaid Island Adventure Game


The mermaids inside the game have to swim back to the island before the witch arrives. This is a team game and girls will have fun playing this game with their friends. A board game that the kids will just love. It develops their strategic as well as social skills. It develops beautiful emotions of the children and builds multiple skills when they play this game.

4. The Fairy Game


An interesting game that the girls will simply love is this Fairy board game. They have to fill the magic wand to banish winter. This is a strategy game that fosters their imagination and develops their social skills. It comes with a beautiful garden and many knick knacks. It helps in their emotional development and inculcates creative problem solving and team building skills.

5. Sleepover Party Game

birthday sleepover game

This is a party game that the girls can play with their friends when they have sleepovers. It has funny and silly stunts where girls can enjoy these activities. They can have fun all night and keep themselves entertained. A fun game that generates a lot of laughter and lets them have a good time. It comes with cards that have activities and stunts to be performed.

6. Choker Necklace Set



This is a beautiful choker set that has colorful chokers that the girls can wear on all the dresses and look cute. They are made in elastic material and do not cause any discomfort to the kids when they wear them. They are trendy and stylish. Girls will love wearing them on party dresses and all occasions. They are a beautiful jewelry set with no toxic substances.

7. Beauty Salon Play Set

birthdaygirl craft


This is an 18-piece play set that the girls will love playing with. It comes with dresses, a mock makeup kit, and and many other beauty salon knick knacks. It boosts their imagination, creativity, and lets them have fun playing the stylist and the makeup artist. They can pretend to be the stylist at the spa and have fun playing with their playmates.

8. Girls Guitar

birthday girl guitar

This is a colorful tiny guitar that the girls of 9 year old can hold and play songs. It comes with a strap, a pick, and a songs book. Girls will love learning the guitar as they can hold it in their tiny hands and play with easy. This is a lightweight guitar for young girls. They can learn many songs and play the guitar at a younger age.

9. Kids Camera For Girls

birthday girl camera

A pretty camera in pink for the girls. This is a digital dual camera with a camcorder. Girls can play with this camera taking high resolution pictures and making videos with this camera. It comes with many keys and simple mechanisms to handle the camera. Girls can have a lot of fun in the outdoors taking pictures and learning camera tricks.

10. Bowling Kit For Kids

birthday girl bowling

Bowling is an amazing game that kids can play with this lightweight kit. You no more have to worry about kids slipping in the lanes at the bowling alley. This game can be enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors. Kids will love spending their leisure time hitting the bowling pins with the balls without getting hurt. It develops various skills in them when they play this game.
Now you have so many ideas for what to gift a 9 year old girl. Choose any one from these ideas and just go for it. For more wonderful gift ideas you can visit Birthdayinspire.com.

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