Finding Balance Is It Possible to Look Both Fashionable and Professional at the Same Time


The topic of appropriate clothing can be both sensitive and quite challenging. What you wear to work or such occasions like conferences and social functions speaks a lot about you. The clothing length, colour, fit, neckline, and sleeves are essential factors to consider when shopping for a particular setting. It’s actually very possible to look both fashionable and professional at the same time. But how exactly can you achieve this balance? Well, please read on for some simple, effective tips.

Understand the Culture of Your Company

Before thinking about the fashion choice to go with, it’s vital to fully understand your company’s culture. You’ll need to do a small research of your company’s culture and vibe, which includes looking at how people have been dressing on typical days and during different company events. This way, you’ll be in a position to make informed clothing choices that enhance your style and make you look professional at the same time. If you’re dressing for a particular occasion – not work-related, you can also do some research on how people have been dressing on such occasions to avoid being the odd one out. Which can lower your confidence and concentration.

Embrace Texture and Color

Have you been wondering how you can pervade a part of your personal style into your office dress code? Well, wonder no more. Your answer lies with texture and colour. You can wear a classic casual dress to work at any time and still look professional. For instance, you can wear a printed dress of your choice that can match the culture of your company. You can visit to learn more about the dresses you can choose to wear on different occasions. You can also try to pervade your taste with some amazing jewellery which you can try with your dresses at any time.

Know Your Schedule and Plan Ahead

Perhaps you can relate to the times you’ve stayed in front of your wardrobe, confused not knowing what outfit can do for the day. In most instances, you’d end up wearing something you’d regret later on when you’re out and it’s too late. Then you’d end up having low self-esteem and less concentration on what you do. But all this should not happen if you know your schedule hence planning ahead of time. If you’re to attend a conference or a social function, understand the theme and see how you can match your dressing code to the event so that you’ll be ready when for the day.

Avoid Killer Outfits

You might tend to concentrate too much on becoming fashionable to the extent of damaging your professional image. The two should be balanced in order to enjoy the best experience possible. There are outfits that may not go well with any particular professional occasion. For instance, you should avoid see-through and seer looks, jeans, sneakers, hats, t-shirts, and ultra-short miniskirts. You should also avoid going to work with over-the-top makeup, dirty hair, unkempt nails, and baggy fits.


Being professional and fashionable in your clothing can be quite a challenging task, considering the possible quandaries. Your choice goes a long way to enhance your confidence in your workplace or during that particular occasion, you’ll be attending. You’ll, however, need to choose a proper dress code to ensure you don’t deviate too much from the culture of your company or occasion you’re attending. Also, remember to plan ahead to avoid unnecessary confusion and mistakes that could affect your esteem. All the best!


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