5 Top Bathroom Designers to Follow for the Best Interior Design Inspiration


Whether you’re fond of bathroom designs or you’re looking for some design inspiration for your next bathroom makeover, following creative designers is an excellent way to find the ideas you need. Bathroom designers are known for their unusual ideas. While those ideas might be expensive, you can alter them a little bit to suit your budget. Check out 5 bathroom designers to start following right now:

1. Sonoma Forge

Sonoma Forge is a creator of incredibly unique bathroom furniture pieces, especially faucets. There are plenty of weird, funny, simple, sophisticated, and luxury ideas that will make the bathroom stand out. Moreover, you’ll find many artful interpretations and some useful information about the tiniest details of the bathroom that could make a huge difference in how it looks. Sonoma Forge also offers some amazing outdoor bathroom ideas. Faucets are so impressive that you’ll change the way you’re currently using your faucets.

2. James Martin Furniture

Finding an exclusive dealer for James Martin Vanities is tricky yet it’s worth your time. Known for its innovative bathroom vanity designs and top quality furniture, James Martin Furniture will help you make your bathroom look and feel more relaxing, stylish, and spacious. From rustic to modern and from traditional to unusual, there’s a wide range of bathroom vanities to choose from. Some vanities are customized, so you’ll definitely find inspiration here.

3. Reece Bathrooms

If you enjoy luxury things and want to make your bathroom look more elegant, consider following Reece Bathrooms for a daily dose of bathroom inspiration. Despite the majority of expensive bathroom ideas, you can still find a variety of bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. Reece Bathrooms provides tons of pictures to help you figure out what you truly need and how you can do it.

4. Slik

The one-of-a-kind mirror tubs combined with classical plumbing that Slik presents look unusually beautiful. Creating your dream bathroom is a lot easier when you have access to such a whopping number of design ideas. Mirror tubes are all the rage these days, albeit colorful tubes are still popular. From purple to beige to classic black, you’ll find a myriad of bathtub ideas to apply in your bathroom.

5. Noma Marrakech

Noma Marrakech has something to offer for everyone who is in love with the imperial city of Marrakech. You’ll find a sultry bathroom vibe in these bathroom design ideas, particularly when you’re considering changing the walls and floor. Sometimes Noma Marrakech provides the ideas that have never been used before. All you need to do is to just follow them to transform your old bathroom interior. While money plays a big role here, you can spruce up your bathroom on a low budget, too.

When it comes to bathroom design, the sky is the only limit here. Whether you’re looking for petite bathroom ideas or a complete grand master makeover guideline, the best sources of design inspiration are these top bathroom designers. Why not start following them today?

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