Which of These 5 Types of Pendants Is the Right Fit for Your Necklace?


Finding a beautiful pendant for your necklace can be tricky. You want your pendant to have meaning but still look good, which can mean searching through tons of styles and ideas to find the one that works best for you.

When you’re deciding on a pendant style for your necklace, it’s important to first understand the type of necklace you have so that you can get a pendant that suits it length-wise. Necklaces can range from a 16” choker which sits tight to the neck, all the way to a 25” matinee style that will hang quite low on the body, and then there’s just about any length in between.

Pairing a pendant with any of these styles is a lot about personal preference, but there are some basic rules that will help guide you. For one, chokers rarely sport actual pendants since the weight and length can break up the visual simplicity of a choker. Instead, chokers use cameos or strung stones to sit close to the neck.

From here, your necklaces length can help determine the size of the best pendant. As your necklaces get longer, the size of the pendant they can support gets larger as well. What this means is that a matinee necklace can have quite a large pendant without looking off-putting.

When you’re trying to choose a pendant, there are a few different types you’ll come across:


  • Birthstone pendants


Birthstones are based on gems related to the month of your birth. From diamonds to garnets, you can find a gemstone pendant that represents you. Don’t feel limited to only wearing your specific gemstone, you can wear any stone you like or feel a connection to.

2. Monogram or personalized pendants

Let your pendant speak for you with a monogrammed or personalized pendant. Whether it’s custom name necklace jewelry, initials, or a word that speaks to you, you can have a necklace created that will look gorgeous on your chain and represent you.

3. Religious pendant

If you are religious, a great way to keep your beliefs close is to have a religious pendant that demonstrates your beliefs. You can wear them in a variety of metals or adorned with gemstones.

4. Solitaire pendants

Like rings, necklaces can have a solitaire pendant to create a minimalist and classic style. Whether this is a single gemstone cut to reflect the light or a simple, geometric shape that adds a dash of interesting style to your outfit. We like solitaire pendants for almost any necklace style since their understated elegance doesn’t overwhelm the chain. However, if your chain is quite long, you may want a larger pendant to balance the proportions.

5. Heart pendants

Heart pendants are a great idea for a gift. They symbolize love and passion and can come in a variety of metals inlaid with many gemstones. Whether it’s a simple heart pendant made of sterling silver or a diamond-encrusted heart pendant, you can find almost any style to suit the occasion.

6. Long pendants

The simplicity and beauty of long, dangling pendants look amazing on necklaces that are cut a bit longer to hang deeper on the chest. They draw the eye down the neck and lengthen the overall line of the body, making them perfect for low-cut dresses or tops.

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