5 Home Hacks to Lower your Bills


Everyone wants to spend less money on the essentials. While splashing cash is great when it comes to treating yourself, having to spend your hard-earned money on bills is just annoying. The only way to tackle this is to make sure that you’re paying the least amount of money possible on your heating, water, and electricity bills. These hacks aren’t going to save you millions, but the savings will add up. Invest in some of the best hacks, and you might end up with more money in your bank account to spend on leisure and pleasure. If you’re looking for ways to get more from your bank balance, then these five hacks could be the answers.

  • Window Worries


You’ll save money on your heating and air-con if you get some great shutters in place. Find beautiful plantation shutters Charleston, and you’ll not only have a lot more control over the natural light that you let into your home, but your insulation will be improved as well. Never underestimate how much your windows affect your bills and your comfort.

  • Load the Freezer


Every time that you open the freezer door, you’re letting out a lot of freezing cold air. The freezer then has to work harder to get back to its original temperature. You’ll reduce the amount of cold that escapes if you pack your freezer tightly (but not too crammed). If you have excess space, load up on ice cubes, so that you can slip them into your summer cocktails knowing that they’re helping you save money!

  • Cold Water Wash


Your clothes will usually be just fine with a cold water wash. Unless you’ve been toiling in the garden all day or working on the car, the chances are that your clothes just aren’t going to be that grimy. For most garments, a cold wash is more than sufficient, and when there are estimates that a washing machine uses up to 90% of its energy getting water hot, then it makes sense to restrict hot washes to the essentials.

  • Air Dry


It’s another clothing one! You’re probably already very aware of the fact that your clothes drier is costing you money. It might be temptingly convenient, but they really do use a lot of power. If you’re trying to get your electricity bill down, then you should start by alternating between the dryer and air drying. Use your garden if you have one, or rig up a line in your bathroom. You might be amazed by how much money you’ll save.

  • Lighting Loss


Your light bulbs use up a tremendous amount of power. Individually, they might not make much of a difference to your overall bill, but when you’re leaving lights on all over the home, then it soon adds up. Swap your bulbs to the fluorescent variety, and you might reduce your power usage by up to 75%. If you add in a smart light control system as well, you could be saving yourself even more.

The more hacks that you use at the same time, the more money that you’ll save overall. Keep an eye on wasted energy and water, and your utility bills will start to drop. Then you can start to treat yourself much more regularly!

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