7 wonderful gift ideas that new moms will appreciate


Being a new mom is a unique experience for each individual. There are, however, certain types of items that almost any new mom can use and will appreciate. The following are seven wonderful gift ideas that new moms will love.

  1. Meal Kit Service

Every new mom needs healthy, great-tasting meals to provide the energy needed to take care of a new baby. Shopping, preparing, and then cooking dinner every evening can be overwhelming when there’s a newborn in the house. Meal kit delivery service will make having a good dinner on the table every night a breeze.

There’s a wide variety of options available when it comes to ordering meal kits. There are companies that provide all vegetarian and even vegan dishes. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. Ordering a month, a week, or even a few days’ worth of meals is a great way to help out a new mom. You’ll want to shop around and the find the best meal service for each mom.

  1. Stylish Onesies

A onesie is a baby necessity for all new moms. They’re comfortable and keep a baby snug and warm. It doesn’t matter what time of the year a baby is born since onesies can be found in almost every type of material to provide different levels of warmth. There are sleeveless onesies and those with longer sleeves.

There’s no reason, however, to get plain styles or designs. Whether you’re shopping for a boy or a girl, there are lots of fun styles and patterns to choose from. Some of the best onesies of 2019 come with cute sayings, stylish designs, and even are made with organic materials. A baby can never have too many onesies, so go ahead and splurge when it comes to selecting and buying these types of items.

  1. Comfortable Tote

A new mom can never have too many totes or diaper bags. The ideal tote will have several sections and pockets to keep a variety of items neatly organized and easy to find. A few features to look for in a tote bag for a new mom include an insulated bottle pocket and a key clasp so she won’t be digging around for her keys.

Totes can also be found in a variety of materials. A nice leather tote would definitely be appreciated. Even a cloth tote, however, is a good choice and can be used for casual outings, such as a day at the beach. Finding one that is water resistant is also a plus. You may want to customize the tote by having mom’s name or the baby’s name written or embroidered on the outside. The best tote is one that a mom can use for years to come, even after the baby is older.

  1. Fitness App

Most new moms worry about staying fit after the baby arrives. A fitness app can provide the ideal solution. A fitness app can let new moms listen in on different types of workout classes. Showing up for class in person may not always fit into a busy mom’s schedule. Being able to listen in on an app is a great alternative.

This is a great gift because a mom can use it when it works in her own schedule. Whether it’s an aerobic class or simple stretches, there are several fitness levels a new mom may be ready for. A mom that stays physically fit will be more self-confident and have more energy to take care of her baby!

  1. Elegant Bassinet

Any new mom would love a stylish bassinet! Every baby needs a bassinet, and sometimes more than one makes life easier for mom. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from, making it difficult to select just one.

A Babyhood Premium Bassinet is a great gift that new moms will love. Babyhood features several gorgeous baby items that parents will absolutely love! A few great options include adorable travel cribs, bath items, and home safety devices.

  1. Security Camera

A security camera is a gift almost anyone would appreciate, but especially new moms. These come in a variety of price ranges and make a great gift for more than one person to go in on together. There are several different types of cameras to choose from as well. Basic baby monitors and nanny cams can help a mom listen and watch her baby at all times wherever she is in the house.

There are also high-tech, in-home surveillance systems that offer an extensive amount of features. A few of these features include wall-mounted units that are connected to the Wi-Fi and motion detector systems that are connected to the home’s exterior.

  1. Baby Bedding and Blankets

A new mom will need lots of baby bedding and blankets, especially for a newborn. Most mothers will need different sizes of cribs during the first six months. This means different sizes of bedding will also be needed. Fitted sheets as well as other types of bedding are something new mothers will appreciate and will need even as the baby grows older.

A mom will also need several blankets in different sizes. Thin, small blankets can be used to swaddle a newborn. Larger, thicker blankets are needed for everything from riding in the car to keeping a baby warm at night in the crib. If you know how to crochet or knit, a handmade baby blanket is a wonderful gift that any new mom would love to have.


New mothers need a lot of items, but it still can be difficult to decide on the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, a new mom is sure to appreciate any one of these seven gift ideas.

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