7 important traditions to follow on your wedding


Your wedding can be an important time to connect with your family and celebrate your heritage. Depending on your ancestry, there are all sorts of wonderful cultural traditions that you might want to work into your own wedding. Here are a few of the most charming and heartwarming wedding traditions to include on your special day.

Unity Candle Lightings

This is actually a fairly recent tradition that has picked up steam rapidly due to its romantic symbolism. The candle lighting involves the bride and groom’s parents both lighting tapers before the bride and groom use the individual candles to light one larger candle. This lovely ceremony symbolizes the bride and groom joining their separate backgrounds to create a new family inspired by their old one. It is a great tradition to include if you want something symbolic and ceremonial that is not attached to any specific religion or culture.

Ringing Bells

In many cultures, bells are rung to scare away evil spirits. They are meant to ensure that the wedding day is a carefree and happy event without any nasty accidents or ill thoughts. This tradition is most common in Irish weddings, but it can also be found in many other wedding ceremonies. Whether you have small tinkling bells attached to your bouquet or a big church bell that peals out as you exit the ceremony, it can be a joyous and happy noise to make your big event even more special. If you want, you can even hire bell playing experts who can do things like play the wedding march itself on bells.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

If you or your prospective spouse’s family is Chinese, a tea ceremony is an time honored wedding tradition. This involves the bride and groom brewing traditional Chinese tea and serving it to their family, starting with parents and moving through to more distantly related relatives. This ceremony symbolizes them introducing their partner to their family and respecting their elders. Sweet teas are often used because they symbolize happiness and joy, though it is fine to use other styles of tea if someone in the family prefers it. After each family member is served tea, they will present a gift, which is usually a red envelope filled with money. This helps the new couple prepare their own household together and wishes them a lifetime of good luck and prosperity.

Save Part of Your Wedding Cake

A popular Western tradition is saving either the entire top tier of the cake or a few slices from the top for the bride and groom. You should then freeze it away and enjoy it on your anniversary. This tradition helps you to look forward to a long and happy marriage on the very first day of your new life together. It is also a great way to celebrate your anniversary because it can remind you and your spouse of all the joy you felt on the wedding day. Make sure you talk to your baker and caterer if you plan on doing this tradition, because otherwise, it might all be served to your guests.

Traditional Wedding Clothing

Most traditional western weddings involve the brides wearing white gowns and a veil. However, if your family is from another culture, you may want to embrace traditional wedding outfits instead. For example, both Indian and Chinese brides often wear white while many Eastern European brides have special headdresses. In these cases, historic wedding outfits from your culture can be a fun way to stand out and pay homage to your ancestors. There are also all sorts of ways to incorporate traditional wedding wear into a western style look if desired. For example, you could wear a white gown with cultural accessories or pick a ballgown in a color besides white.

Jumping the Broom

Initially a tradition in Western African cultures, this practice has spread throughout many African and black communities around the world. It also has some links to Romani and Welsh wedding cultures. In all areas, this practice is meant to symbolize sweeping away old wrongs or evil thoughts as the couple leap into their new relationship. Typically, broomstick jumping is done following the exchange of wedding vows. It is often placed either at the end of the aisle or at the door to the reception, and the new spouses hold hands as they leap over the broom together.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

This old rhyme about what a bride should wear on her wedding day dates back centuries. It is actually more than just historic fashion advice. The something new is supposed to symbolize your past while the something new is a representation of your future. Something borrowed is meant to come from someone in a happy relationship, so their good luck can pass on to you, and the something blue is meant to symbolize trustworthiness. Many modern brides use their wedding dress as their something new, while the old and borrowed objects can be something like a mother’s veil or a bracelet your fiance gave you in the past. Get creative with finding a blue object by picking something like shoes, a garter, or a hairpin with delicate blue accents.

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