7 tips to choose the right attorney for you


Australia produces over 12,000 qualified legal practitioners from learning institutions each year. According to statistics, the country has about over 100,000 practicing solicitors and lawyers, all licensed to practice in different areas and fields. You may probably need to hire the services of the qualified legal officer. In a country with so many practicing lawyers, finding the right one to fulfill your specific needs may be such a daunting task. To successfully find a personal lawyer that will give you your desired quality of services, you need to do a thorough search and due diligence. Here are 7 important tips to follow when seeking to choose the right attorney for you.

Identify the kind of legal service you need

The first step towards obtaining and working with the right lawyer is defining and identifying your legal needs for which you need the services of an attorney. The discipline of law is a relatively large and diverse one; defined by different fields – each of which attracts different legal practitioners. As much as lawyers are qualified to practice, the extent of professionalism is limited to only a specific field.

When defining the kind of legal service you need an attorney for, it is important to establish the particular area in which your concern lies. For instance, if you need some help with pursuing a legal redress over an injury that you suffered in the workplace, then you will know that you need the services of an attorney qualified and experienced in the area of labor and workplace laws.

Ensure the lawyer is qualified

You also need to find a lawyer who is well qualified to offer legal services and practice. Besides attending and fulfilling academic requirements, lawyers are often required to undergo additional necessary training in legal schools on how they should discharge their responsibilities. After completing such training, the lawyer is then certified by the necessary legal bodies to practice.

When finding a good lawyer for your purpose, it is therefore important to establish whether he or she is appropriately certified to discharge legal services. In most cases, such legal qualifications can be assessed by doing a thorough search from the internet on whether the practitioner is properly enlisted with the various legal directories and repositories.

Level of professionalism

In the course of providing legal services, a good attorney should be professional enough to ensure that you are appropriately served satisfactorily. Professionalism entails more than the academic qualifications. It extends to issues of etiquette such as having good communication skills and being able to practice professional customer care. Such competency is highly necessary as it would determine whether the attorney would fulfill your needs.

Landing a deal with an attorney who is professional enough will ensure that your case is ethically handled, with all information being fairly treated in tandem with the qualities of good customer service. When assessing professionalism, it is important to visit the attorney’s office and generally assess how the office runs as you will get a chance to gauge the attorney’s competency and professionalism.

Attorney’s familiarity with your case

The sole purpose of hiring a lawyer is to receive specified legal needs. When looking for a good and appropriate lawyer, it is important to assess and consult with him or her on whether she is familiar with the kind of case or issue that you need to be addressed. An attorney maybe theoretically qualified and certified to practice yet experience difficulties in providing competent services regarding a particular issue due to the technicalities involved. You, therefore, need to narrate well and define to the attorney the specific area of concern that you need to be addressed. This ensures that the attorney you intend to hire for your legal needs is well familiar with what needs to be done.

Check the relative location of the attorney

Although often ignored, the attorney’s location is very important as it determines various issues that are critical to the success of the kind of service you will receive from him or her. It is always advisable to hire an attorney who practices within the same area or locality as you. This makes it possible for you to regularly visit the attorney’s legal firm for consultative meetings where necessary.

Attorneys who practice within a given area generally become competent in cases that regard that area. Sunshine Coast Wills CNG law firm is, for instance, competent in providing legal services on issues that surround the Sunshine Coast area including commercial and property issues, criminal and traffic issues, family issues, and business-related legal matters.

Check references and reviews and go for referrals

Sometimes, when finding the right attorney for your legal needs, you need to obtain references from persons who have been previously served by the lawyer. Being referred to an attorney by someone serves as an additional level of surety. It gives you confidence that the attorney would render you professional and quality legal services that will meet your expectations. It is also important to check on reviews from relevant sources such as the attorney’s social media pages and other legal rating sites where lawyers’ performances are rated upon by clients. This ensures that you steer clear of attorneys who provide poor quality services and who end up receiving poor reviews.

How much the lawyer charges

The amount of legal fees that the lawyer charges should be confirmed before hiring the services of a qualified attorney. Confirming with the lawyer on various issues regarding the payment of legal fees is important. It ensures that you don’t get disappointed in cases where a lawyer overcharges you after providing the legal services. When confirming details to do with the amount of money that will be charged, it is important to confirm the preferred mode of payment, whether the money would be paid in installments or as a one-time cost, and if the lawyer prefers a pre-payment or post-payment arrangement. Conducting such due diligence and confirming the lawyer’s details using the above-outlined tips ensures that you settle for the best-qualified lawyer who would, in turn, render you the highest level of professional legal services.

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