7 Ways to Know If Your Body was Exposed from Harmful Minerals


Minerals are needed to have a healthy and strong body yet not all minerals are good for the body. There are toxic minerals that when ingested or inhaled can be harmful to your body and health. The word ‘mineral’ came from the Latin word ‘minerale’ which means ‘something mined’. Harmful minerals such as lead, asbestos, arsenopyrite, mercury, and galena are just among the few that you should be aware of.

Mineral Poisoning

Poisonous minerals can be everywhere. It can be in the food you ate or in the water you drink. It can be in the building where you work or just in the next street where a private company is doing mining. You can inhale it if you are working in a factory that operates with heavy metals. You can get mineral poisoning as well by eating a fish caught in a mercury-contaminated area.

The manifestations of symptoms of mineral poisoning depend on the type of mineral you ingested or inhaled. If you have been exposed to asbestos for a period of time, you can expect some asbestos-related poisoning after two or three decades while ingesting a mercury-contaminated fish can put you in a hospital within 24 hours.

Two Types of Mineral Poisoning

Depending on the amount of harmonious mineral you ingested or exposed to, you can experience these types of poisoning:

  1. Acute Poisoning – acute poisoning happens if you ingest or get exposed to a high dose of a poisonous chemical. For example, a kid that swallowed a toy with lead or a fisherman eating contaminated fishes.
  2. Chronic Poisoning – chronic poisoning happens if you are exposed to a small amount of poisonous mineral for a period of time such as when working at a mine or at a factory using heavy metals

7 Signs That You Are Exposed to Harmful Minerals

Most people don’t know that they were exposed to harmful minerals not until they get hospitalized. When they start feeling something, they blame it on their regular activities or current weather. Some just say they are feeling nauseated or constipated because of what they eat while others are blaming the weather for their constant headaches. What they don’t know, they are already having symptoms of bad mineral poisoning.

  1. Feeling confused for no apparent reasons

If you are constantly having issues focusing or is becoming forgetful, chances are you are having a symptom of having too much toxins in your system. As mentioned by one doctor, having bad minerals in your body is like being a car with bad oil in it, in time, it will breakdown.

  1. Feeling constipated

As most health experts say, avoid consuming processed food because processed food contains unhealthy minerals and some harmful ones. One effect of eating too much processed food is constipation. Having processed food in your diet also means having poor health.

  1. Experiencing decreased energy

One study has found that there is a significant relationship between toxin exposure and fatigue. When your body is ingesting too much toxin, your kidneys will have to work overtime to clear all those negative stuff. If your kidney gets overworked and stops working, toxin build up will start and it can cause you to get tired easily.

  1. Develop skin allergies and skin problems

If you regularly use soap, shampoo and lotions that contain different chemicals and minerals, skin poisoning might occur. This is manifested in having acne, eczema, and rashes. Some people even say they suddenly developed dandruff or scalp issues.

  1. Feeling pained such as headache and body ache from time to time

Toxin overload is also associated to constant headaches and unexplained body and joint pains. People who are not working in factories or mines but are regularly eating at fast-food restaurants have are more prone to having such unexplained pains.

  1. You exhibit sensitivity to chemicals

Chemical sensitivity means having symptoms even with very little exposure to a chemical or mineral. This is called multiple chemical sensitivity and it happens when a person is constantly exposed to small doses of different poisonous minerals. Multiple chemical sensitivity is known to cause cognitive problems such as being forgetful and inability to focus for a longer period of time.

  1. You developed an unfamiliar (unwanted) body odor

If you noticed that your body is producing a different smell every time you sweat, you should backtrack and think if you are being exposed to some minerals at work. When harmful chemicals like magnesium or lead, your body will try to break it down and turn it into gases and odors.

If you are constantly exposed, these toxins will build up and your immune system will find it hard to break it down to gases. Those minerals that your immune system was able to breakdown will be released as urine, body odor or bad breath. It is a good sign though because your body is able to release the harmful minerals, yet it can be embarrassing to people around you.

Can You Prevent Harmful Mineral Exposure?

Harmful mineral exposure is inevitable, especially at work. The best way to avoid such is to choose a good company to work with, a company that is compliant in ensuring that their workplace is safe from harmful minerals and eco-friendly.

Most companies hire occupational safety and health professionals that help them ensure the safety of their workplace. Service providers such as thresholdenvironmentalservices ensures that all companies provide a healthy workplace environment.

If you are working in a factory with heavy metals, always wear a mask. If you are working in a mine or a factory, do not go home on your work clothes. Always bring extra clothing to wear home to avoid taking home possible poisonous chemicals from the mine.

At home, you can also avoid exposure to harmful minerals by keeping your diet to natural foods such as fruits and vegetables and by giving your children toys that are lead-free. Always read labels when buying your grocery products and check the list of ingredients they used in producing each product.

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