7 tips to prevent you from getting sick while traveling


To travel is to see the world in a way you cannot while staying home. However, to travel can end poorly if you end up sick and unable to enjoy yourself. From airports to the handrails at tourist attractions to the steering wheel of your rental car, there are germs everywhere. Those germs are more prevalent when you travel due to the sheer volume of people who come and go through these areas on a daily basis. While you cannot fully prevent illness when you travel, you can do your best to avoid getting sick by practicing a few tips and tricks designed to minimize your chances of becoming ill on the road. You should enjoy your time away from home. You shouldn’t spend it in a bathroom that doesn’t belong to you.

Carry Sanitizing Wipes

The number one thing you can and should do when you travel is to carry a container of sanitizing wipes on your person. These wipes go a long way toward killing germs and minimizing your contact with the health issues other people leave behind. For example, when you have these sanitizing wipes, you can clean your seat and tray when you sit down on your next flight. Use them to clean the handles and steering wheel and dash in your rental car. Use them in your hotel room to wipe down the counters, remote control, and anything else you plan on touching while you are in town. If you cannot carry sanitizing wipes with you, baby wipes are another great option for cleaning as you go.

Wash Your Hands

If there was ever a time to practice hand washing safety, it’s while you travel. Use a towel to turn the water on and off in public bathrooms, and be sure you’re using soap liberally. Do not try to save soap or water by washing quickly and inefficiently. You need at least 30 seconds of handwashing with soap and water to effectively clean your hands when you travel. Germs are everywhere, and your hands are also everywhere.

Clean Your Stuff, Too

Now that you’re well-versed in the art of cleaning things when you travel to avoid other people’s germs, don’t forget to clean your own items. For example, you might remember to clean the hotel room remote control and door handles, but that’s ineffective if you forget to clean things like the phone you carry with you all day. You touch handrails, elevator buttons, bathroom door handles, and so much more throughout the day when you travel, and you use your phone in between those things. You’re spreading germs all over what you touch the most, and you cannot forget to clean those things.

Drink Filtered Water

Good water is good water, but it’s not always easy to find when you’re traveling. Most domestic travel leaves you feeling safe when you drink bottled water, but you don’t always have that option. If you’re traveling internationally, you might consider a filtered water bottle that allows you to filter even bottled water you’re unfamiliar with. The filtered water bottles at https://www.fill2purefilters.com.au/ that takes any water and makes it healthier. Furthermore, there are some countries in which it’s simply not safe to drink any water unless it’s water that’s bottled in another country. Speak with your doctor about this prior to your travel. You must also keep in mind that your own healthy water bottle is much better for you than the unclean cups and glasses you find in your hotel room.

Stay Healthy By Eating Healthy

Getting sick on vacation is not limited to catching the germs left in the airport by all the travelers who are in and out daily. Sometimes, the best way to get sick on vacation is by failing to care for yourself. It’s easy to decide that you’re on vacation, so you can eat what you want and have the best time. However, if you’re not putting healthy food in your body, you’re not making it any easier to remain healthy. A poor diet is going to make you feel lethargic even if you don’t get sick. Eat well most of the time, but don’t feel like you need to forgo the exciting new cuisines or desserts that come with travel. The other piece of advice you should follow while traveling is to drink in moderation.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re traveling, it’s easy to order extra coffee or perhaps a cocktail while you’re on a plane or in the airport. However, you must remember to stay hydrated. This is especially true when you’re flying. The cabin pressure in an airplane is different than the air on the ground, and it can make you sick. It can do funny things to your stomach, and it can cause you to develop a terrible headache. Even a migraine could occur if you’re unable to stay hydrated when you’re on a plane. Drink plenty of water to remain healthy when you’re in the air and away from home.

Get Some Rest

You’re on vacation, and you only have so many hours in a day before you’re going home and missing out on all that this new city or locale has to offer. However, when you fail to sleep, you fail your immune system. Even if you’re not going to get sick otherwise, a lack of sleep can alter the health of your immune system. This might make it easier for you to get sick from a germ that might not ordinarily make you sick. It’s all right to stay up late and have a good time, but try not to limit your sleep every night. Do your best to get at least seven to eight full hours as much as you can.

Staying healthy while you’re away from home doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know how to make it happen. Be careful what you touch, keep your hands out of your mouth and off your face, and don’t eat anything that doesn’t appear completely healthy. Your everyday hygiene habits should make it fairly easy for you to avoid any other illnesses or issues while you travel.

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