7 proven tips to keep your home carpet and furniture clean


The carpeting and furniture in a home attract dirt and dust regularly, which is a huge problem because these contaminants can cause mild or severe health problems. If you want to maintain tidy carpets and clean furniture in every space, these tips can help.

Design a Vacuum Schedule

When people walk on a carpet while wearing shoes, they track dirt on the fibers. If everyone walks on carpeting without wearing shoes, contaminates will still land on the fibers whenever dust and pollution travel through the air. This is why a vacuum schedule is needed in every household. If you vacuum your carpets regularly, you’ll pick up dirt and dust before the particles drop underneath the fibers. On average, dust and dirt levels build up on carpets gradually, so you can manage air quality effectively by operating a vacuum every two weeks.

Maneuver the Vacuum Efficiently

When it’s time to use the vacuum, always guide the unit over the carpeting slowly. Typically, after four repetitive swipes, a standard vacuum will successfully extract all particles from an isolated area. If you use a commercial-grade vacuum with a more powerful motor, you can pull all debris from a carpet using less swipes.

Depending on the number of people in your home, you may need to create an enhanced schedule in order to maintain tidy carpeting everywhere. High-traffic areas where kids and pets play should be vacuumed every day, and areas that get medium traffic must be cleaned with a vacuum once a week.

Treat Carpet Stains Properly

Most companies in the United States make carpeting for home that are plush and dense. However, these carpets are usually constructed out of a material that isn’t stain-resistant. This means that food, beverages, and dirt will stay on carpet fibers until the stains are lifted with proper cleaning supplies. To remove dry stains, you must pick up the debris without creating a harsher stain on the carpet. When a carpet has a liquid stain, you’ll need to blot the spot with a paper towel. During the blotting process, rub the towel along the edge of the stain, and gradually move to the center of the affected spot. You should never scrub a liquid stain because the friction will make the stain worse.

After most of a dry or liquid stain is gone, apply a professional-grade carpet cleaning solution on the spot. If you can’t find this type of product in stores, simply pour tap water and a dish soap on the affected area. Laundry detergent isn’t the best stain-fighter for a carpet as it has chemicals can that severely damage delicate fibers.

Hire a Pro Occasionally

Although vacuuming and spot treatments are effective on carpets, some dirt and dust may still linger underneath the top layers. In order to get your carpets totally clean, you’ll need to hire a professional carpet cleaner occasionally. If your home doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic, you can work with a professional every 18 months. In a busy home, a professional should treat all areas every 12 months to protect and preserve the carpet fibers.

Painted Furniture Tactics

Painted furniture stands out in a space because every painted layer is rich and bold. However, to keep the paint in optimum condition, several steps must be followed to eliminate stains without chipping the coatings.

  • Daily care: Each week, you must wipe a damp rag over the painted surfaces to get rid of dust. After the surfaces are clean, thoroughly dry the painted material with a towel. This is an important step because water will damage the paint if it lingers on the furniture.
  • Advanced treatments: When the paint on your furniture has stains, you can eliminate flaws with a sanding tool. After the stain is sanded, apply a new coat on the treated spot.

Wood Furniture Strategies

Wood furniture can develop scuff marks, beverage stains, and other flaws. The following steps can help you maintain different types of wood furniture:

  • Traditional care: Wood furniture can attract a lot of dust that’s easy to spot. By rubbing a lint-free rag against a dusty piece of wood, you’ll make the wood shine. If a piece of furniture needs more polish, always use a wax-based or oil-based product. Both options can make wood shine without generating smudges.
  • Advanced options: When wax needs to be removed off a slab of wood, a synthetic turpentine can provide optimum results. To use this product, you must squeeze the formula onto a cloth. Then, wipe the surfaces thoroughly to clean and polish the wood.

Leather Furniture Cleaning Methods

Leather is made from cowhide, so proper solutions must be used to effectively clean and maintain the material. The follow tips are designed for fancy and modern leather furniture:

  • Standard care: When leather furniture is arranged in vulnerable areas, it slowly dries out. If the material dries out dramatically, some surfaces will develop cracks. In order to prevent these flaws, you must place all of your leather pieces in a spot that’s away from direct sunlight. While in this area, the furniture will still generate dust; however, you can grab the particles very easily with a damp cloth.
  • Tough stains: If soil builds up on your leather pieces, cleanse the soiled areas with a combination of vinegar and water. After this solution sets, wash the stains thoroughly with leather saddle soap. Then, dry the leather with a soft rag.

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