7 beautiful designs to consider when building a shed


A shed in your backyard will not only improve its aesthetics but will also give you much more functionality out it. Rather than spending much of your time in the house, you can have some amazing times with your family and friends in the backyard if you have a shed. A shed can also give you more storage space for the stuff that you don’t want in your house. Additionally, with a shed, you can get some peaceful working space away from all the happenings of your main house.

Is a permit necessary for you to build a shed?

If you are thinking of building a shed the biggest question in your mind is probably whether you need a permit to build? There is no straight answer to this question as it entirely depends on your city or county. It is therefore crucial that you take some time to check the regulations in your town or county. You find this out easily by looking at your local building department regulations. In the case where you need a permit to build your shed, it might also be necessary that you provide your shed site plan before you are granted a building permit.

What to consider

Now that everything is ready, you need to settle on a design. Here is what to consider when choosing a shed design.


First, different designs are suitable for different needs. Your needs should guide the model that you settle for. The shed that is meant to be your extra storage will have a different design from the one expected to be your workspace and from that that is intended to be your relaxation area.


Another essential factor to consider while thinking about the design of your shed is its size. Depending on how much space you would like you should pick a design that suits your needs. The space needed for a work shed and a storage shed will vary depending on the needs.

Here are the top 7 beautiful designs to consider when building a shed.


The beautiful designs of pergolas give it a well-deserved top spot. If you are looking to decorate your garden or backyard and turn it into eye candy, then there can be no better choice than this. The purpose of a pergola is for recreational purposes, and its size is determined by how big your family is or how many friends you are planning to have over. Eye-appeal is the strongest suite of this shed so all the furniture and everything in it must reflect that. Having this shed ready in time for summer will give you a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Additionally, in a pergola, the choice of lighting should be done keenly especially if you are looking to spend some nights hanging out in it. Remember that this is a very personal space and it should reflect your personality to get the best experience.

Hexagonal Gazebo

Unlike the pergola which is only practical during summer, a hexagonal gazebo can be used pretty much all year round. You can also have it in wood or vinyl depending on your preferences. Furthermore, the options are endless if you are looking for customisation with this shed. If you are the type of person, who prefers the hexagonal gazebo with or without windows, you can practically go for it.

The oriental style shed

The oriental style shed just as its name suggests is very stylish. You can easily mistake it for a shed out of a Disneyland. Most of the type of sheds are usually made to rise above the ground. This shed can be used both for relaxation and storage of light items. You can easily design the oriental style shed depending on the space that you have. This is due to the uniqueness and stylish nature of this shed; you might need professional help. Steeline Shedquotes Sunshine Coast will serve you best in this case.

Flat roof sheds

Flat roof sheds have become quite a common sighting in many gardens and backyard of late. Due to the infinite styling options of these sheds, you may come across one and fail to know it’s a flat roof shed. This characteristic is what makes this type of sheds get a spot in this list. If you are looking for sophisticated simplicity, look no further. For more information on how to build a flat roof shed, click here.

Gable style sheds

This particular type of shed is accessible for those looking for extra storage and working space. Despite this, there are homeowners like you who have managed to come up with amazing designs for this type of shed. If you are looking for a multipurpose shed, you will not go wrong with this choice.

Gambrel sheds

A gambrel shed can easily be identified thanks to its semi-octagon style roof. This is another type of shed that can be used for numerous purposes. Despite its simplicity, there is a lot you can do to a gambrel shed to make it suite your needs. You have the freedom of playing around with the roofing, exterior colour and just almost anything else to make it stand out and feel personalized to you.

Lean-to sheds

Lean-to sheds are another type of sheds that are quite popular and with an unending list of style and design options. With this type of shed, you can combine all you need in a good shed and end up with an outstanding design. With lean-to sheds, you can have your recreational space, working space and also storage space all under one roof. You can even have a large roof that extends to your grass to give you even more shed.

With this list of seven beautiful designs to consider when building a shed, you can transform not only your backyard but also your life. Take time to think through what suits you best before making your decision. If you can, you can build it yourself or ask for professional help for the best results.

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