10 great tips for women entrepreneurs

women in business

These days, a  growing number of women are branching out and setting up their own companies. Women-owned enterprises are starting up at a rate of around 550 a day!

Unfortunately, it is still often the case that women have to work harder to prove themselves in the business world. So, here are 10 Great Tips For Women Entrepreneurs.

#1 – Get planning

If you’ve had an amazing idea that’s been in your mind for a while now, the first step to making it a reality is writing it down as a business plan. Make sure your plan outline your business’s mission, highlights what sets it apart from existing companies and includes a detailed financial plan.

#2 Build a great product

You want your product or service to stand out from the get-go. Create a product that is different from everything else out there. It’s also important to your target audience. Seek as much early customer feedback as you can so you can improve it if need be.

#3Give Back to the Community

Successful business owners/philanthropists like  Chrissy Weems believe business owners have a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good. Try donating a percentage of your income to charitable organizations.

If you are just starting out and really don’t have the cash, give your time, and volunteer with local organizations that are able to use your skills. You wouldn’t believe how many organizations that need a pair of helping hands.

#4 –Disconnect

Every new start-up entrepreneur works countless hours, day in and day out. Make sure you take some time each day to disconnect and get some rest. This not only gives you physical rest, but your brain too. Disconnecting can also help you take a step back and  solve problems from a fresh perspective.

#5 – Get a mentor

Everyone starting up a new business has lots of questions, especially in the early days. There are a number of women-helping-women organizations which can pair you with a mentor. A good mentor should be able to challenge you to help you learn.

#6 –Become an expert

People usually are more likely to purchase from someone they feel is an expert. You can prove your knowledge through speaking, public relations and/or writing articles on blogs. YouTube and podcasts are another great way to gain exposure.

#7 – Have confidence

To run a successful business you need to have lots of confidence; in your product and yourself. Some women can be reserved about promoting their talents, but there’s no place for false modesty when you are trying to build a business.

#8 – Network

Networking is the best ways to market your company. Make it a priority to attend events both targeted at your industry and businesses in your local area.

This is a way to make connections with like-minded individuals who can potentially link up with you for future projects. Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know that’s important.

#9 –Talk to your future customers.

Success of a business all depends on customers. Learn what their needs are and what their wants are. Conversing with them will help you learn about how to address your market.

#10 –Keep learning.

You will never stop learning when you run a business. The key to growth and success is knowledge. The average CEO reads up to 60 books a year. There are audio books, online classes, or continuing education classes to provide you ongoing learning.

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