Keeping out of Harm’s Way: 6 Preventative Measures You Can Take to Avoid a Collision


When we get into our car, the last thing we think about is getting into a car accident. Either we think that it won’t happen to us or we sometimes aren’t aware of our surroundings. We can shop around for the safest cars but we still need to be defensive and pay close attention when we get behind the wheel. Below I will discuss six preventative measures you can take to avoid a collision. However, should you get into a collision, you would most certainly want to call the Derrick Law Firm’s lawyers to see what options you have moving forward.

  • Be careful of those who run red lights
  • Don’t tailgate
  • Don’t speed
  • Avoid distractions
  • Don’t drive intoxicated or medicated
  • Be careful in inclement weather


When you’re at an intersection and the light changes. Make sure to look both ways and wait a few seconds before proceeding. Many people can be careless thinking they can catch the yellow light not realizing or caring that someone can get seriously hurt because they fail to be cautious.


Many people tailgate thinking that the person in front of them will drive faster or move to another lane, but if the driver suddenly stops, the person following is ultimately going to crash into them. One of the major reasons for accidents is people that tailgate.  Stay at a safe distance behind the driver in front of you while driving.


The saying ‘I feel the need to speed’ isn’t always good. Especially while driving. You need to give yourself time to respond if you encounter a dangerous situation. If you’re speeding, you don’t have that opportunity.


Everyone can be guilty of driving while distracted at one time or another. Drivers today tend to focus on everything else but driving.  We would rather find radio stations while driving on the highway, put on makeup, talk on the phone, text, eat, yell at the children or have conversations with passengers instead of doing all of this before we actually get on the road. I can’t stress enough how dangerous this is for you and anyone in the car with you. If you’re too focused on doing everything else but driving, then you definitely won’t have time enough to react if something happens.


How many news briefs do you hear on a daily basis about drunk drivers injuring someone? This is probably one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. Drivers who drink before they get behind the wheel are not only putting themselves at risk, but they are putting every driver around them at risk. If you have taken medication; especially medication that has the potential to make you drowsy, you should not get behind the wheel. Sleep it off and make sure you’re okay to drive because you are also putting yourself and other drivers at risk. Not only that, you can land some jail time with this one. Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself is it worth it.


Make sure you prepare yourself and your car if you’re driving in bad weather. If it’s raining to the point where you can’t see, pull over until it stops. Bad weather such as snow and fog can affect your vision also so you must take extra precautions to avoid any kind of collision.

Always keep in mind; safety first. Should you get into a collision of some sort, again, you can always call Derrick Law Firm’s lawyers to see what your options are.

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