5 wardrobe staples every woman needs in her closet


If you struggle to put together great-looking outfits every day, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your closet. There’s a reason that fashion insiders have long preached the value of having a set of wardrobe basics. A collection of reliable, go-to pieces gives you the building blocks of a wardrobe that can take you anywhere. Are you missing some of these essential pieces?

  1. A Perfect White Blouse

A great-looking white blouse that fits and flatters you is a true wardrobe staple. You can wear this anywhere. It looks great with a work skirt or pants and some bold, chunky jewelry. Leave it long and untucked to wear with your jeans and boots for a look that’s casual elegance at its best. Wear it open as a jacket over a camisole or a dress. You can even use it as a beach coverup. This endlessly versatile item is worth spending a little money on.

Your perfect white blouse doesn’t have to be the traditional button-down style. For that matter, it doesn’t need to be white. If white doesn’t suit you, beige or cream are excellent options.

Have fun choosing a style that ties at your waist or gives you a crop-top effect. A poet-sleeve blouse adds romance and high style to any look. Pick a pretty floral design on a white background. You can find white blouses with high-low hems, tunic cuts and more.

  1. Jeans That Fit Like a Glove

We love jeans. What we don’t love are jeans that sag, wrinkle and don’t stay put. You can build an entire wardrobe around a great pair of jeans, but only if they fit properly. Jeans are acceptable attire almost everywhere now, so it makes sense to look for a pair that will take you out on the town as well as out on the ranch.

As far as style, the sky is the limit. If you prefer skinny jeans, have at it. The style has taken full force and shows no sign of going away. On the other hand, you might prefer boyfriend-style jeans, with their loose, straight legs and slightly slouched waist. You might be tempted by a pair of girlfriend jeans, the new version of “mom” jeans or a classic pair of straight-legs. If you’re curvy in shape, the low-waist bootcut is still the most flattering style you can buy.

There is a jeans style that flatters everyone. Your mission is to find it and wear it. It’s a good idea to have a mix of styles and colors. Jeans are the backbone of many great looks. Having a couple of pairs that fit well and look great will save your butt in more ways than one.

  1. Long, Flowy Cardigan

Forget your grandpa’s cardigan or frumpy twinsets. Today’s stylish cardigans are long, lean and flowing. These duster-style cardigans are easy to wear and instantly add drama and polish to any look. They’re made of silky, lightweight fabrics.

When styling your long cardigan, think of it as a replacement for a blazer or short cardigan. Use it to make a sleeveless top or dress office-appropriate. Upgrade your suit by wearing your cardigan instead of the suit jacket. Use it instead of a blazer to dress up jeans. Throw it on over a sundress.

A duster works with almost anything. You can wear it with a cocktail dress, sweatpants or shorts. It looks polished for work and sexy for going out. What can’t it do? We don’t know, but we know your wardrobe should have at least a couple.

  1. An Easy-On Dress

There are times when you just can’t be bothered to look through your closet and try to put together some reasonable facsimile of an outfit. There are other days when you’ve overslept, you’re running late, or you just got a surprise invitation to go out on the town.

In all of these situations, a dress comes to the rescue. A dress that looks gorgeous and flatters you needs nothing but a pair of cute shoes. You can add some simple jewelry if you have time, otherwise just toss it on and go. A dress is your go-to that can go anywhere.

Dresses are versatile. If you have a pretty summer dress that you’d like to wear into the cooler months, add a cardigan or a blazer, a pair of tights and a pair of boots. You’re all set to go into the next season.

  1. Perfect Pants

Every woman needs a perfect pair of pants in her wardrobe. You can accessorize them dozens of ways. The right ones are stylish, flattering and comfortable to wear all the time. These days, wide-legged pants are all the rage. That’s great news if you like looking up-to-the-minute stylish while also feeling comfortable. That means everyone, doesn’t it?

You can turn them casual with a plain tee-shirt and ballet flats, wear them to the beach with a camisole and sandals, wear them with sneakers and a cardigan to run around town or wear them to work with a blouse, blazer and heels. They can go pretty much anywhere that you go.

By the way, if you prefer skirts or dresses, feel free to substitute a skirt here. You can use a great-looking skirt the same way. It’s another versatile item that can work whether you make it casual or formal.

Pull it Together

These five basics are just the start. You can use them as a base and then expand your wardrobe with trendy items, modern takes on the basics and fun accessories. If you’re missing some essentials, let https://ginghamandheels.com/ help you find the perfect pieces to complete your wardrobe puzzle.

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