The Adventure Of A Lifetime: Does Running Your Own Business Guarantee “Freedom”?

Is having a business really freedom?


We all ponder it from time to time, just how much freedom can be attained in a personal and professional sense when running our own business? It’s, for many of us, a dream, and that is it- nothing more. We would love to wake up, and casually set up our computer, ready for the working day. Although this is done by so many people now, with remote working and the numerous self-employed options that require people to work from home, this idea of professional freedom has to be discussed. When you’re running your own business, it certainly seems that you have freedom on the face of it, because you’re not clocking on in a job that you hate. But while so many of us out there are looking to start forging our own path in life, we’ve got to wonder if running our own business equates to “freedom”? Let’s break it down.   

The Amount Of Legwork To Get To A Place Of Freedom

The difference between a dreamer and someone who fulfills their dream is all about one thing, applying yourself. Dedication to your passion is what separates you from the other budding entrepreneurs. This is why you have to ensure you have the staying power, especially during those difficult times in the first 12 to 18 months. You learn so much during this all-important stage, from how to start an LLC to the best way to promote your niche, as well as the never-ending rigmarole that is networking. In many ways, it’s as much about stamina as it is the knowledge. But this journey is something we hear about a lot from every walk of life; you’ve got to prepare yourself for the journey. In this respect, it’s not about freedom at this stage, but the sacrifices.

Giving So Much Of Yourself

When we look at those people that have become self-made, we only see the fruits of their labor. When we think about the freedom they have to go on vacation when they feel like it, there is a price to pay. To make the results tangible, and eventually profitable, you’ve got to give more of yourself than you had planned. It’s like that cliché, if you want to learn how to build a house, you build one. If you want to learn how to run a business, you start one! And you’ll realize just how much of yourself you have to give, not just in terms of applying yourself, or the sheer volume of knowledge you have to acquire, but how much of your personal time you need to put into making it work. While many people are frustrated because they are doing a job that they don’t like, at least they have the opportunity to go home and switch off. Starting your own business is condensed into a few basic touchstones, late nights, early mornings, and being incapable of switching off. Are you prepared to give this much of yourself? And this may sound like a lot of more than you are prepared to give, the fact is, even if you are pacing back and forth in the middle of the night, trying to solve problems, you may never have felt this alive!

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Even those people that have worked at achieving their dream, once they’ve got it, they move on to the next challenge, because what they’ve acquired is some sense of stagnation. But when we are looking at the journey from the starting line, we always feel that this next step is going to be much better than anything we’ve done previously. And we can all suffer from that feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side. And then, once you’ve started, you could find yourself pining for your old life. But this is why you’ve got to be sure that what you are doing is intertwined with your passions. The big mistake that many people make when starting their own business is that they follow the money. If we have learned anything from the various incarnations of self-help gurus past and present, is that you have to look at your passions and follow these, not what feels like a sure thing in a financial sense. Chasing the money is a very hollow existence. But when you are running your own business, and it’s something you care passionately about, this is when those 2 am problems don’t feel so frustrating. If anything, you might have never felt so alive!

Making The Gamble

Creatively speaking, it can fulfill many avenues, but you still have to find the finances. Any business is a gamble in the financial sense, but if you want to make something of it, it’s a deft combination of preparation, but also being savvy with your finances. So many people are afraid of the gamble for the very simple reason that it might not pay off. But if you never have the courage to make the gamble in the first place, you will never find out if you can achieve the freedom you so desperately crave. So many of us are complacent in our office jobs, and we dream of the “good life”, whatever this may be. And while so many people had no option but to start their own business as a result of the financial crisis a decade ago, you’ve got to have that sensation that you have nothing to lose.

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, they crave that challenge, but there are so many people out there that run a business that makes modest returns, and they are happy purely for the fact they doing something they care about. So in this respect, running your own business guarantees freedom from the rigors of the 9 to 5 working life. But so many of us are afraid to make the gamble by leaving our current life. Either because we are used to a certain type of lifestyle, or we fear the unknown. In this respect, the gamble is everything. This is the point of running your own business; it teaches you how to dig deep into your emotional reserves. And while it depends on your perspective of the idea of “freedom”, if you are making modest returns or life is a struggle sometimes, but you’ve never felt a bigger sense of purpose, then yes, running your own business does guarantee freedom.

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