Seven Ways to Mix Philanthropy Into Your Day

Matt Redhawk

These days, being charitable has become interlaced throughout our everyday lives through activities we do without even thinking, like shopping, workplaces, talents and even celebrations.

The awesome feeling of giving back can’t be denied. It makes you feel good inside and out. Research has shown doing a good deed can even lower blood pressure and help you live a longer life. The best part is, you don’t even need money! Just by doing the same fun things you do every day and living your life, you can spread good deeds throughout the world.

With a little focus, you can make philanthropy a way of life and it’s easy as pie.

Here are seven ideas to mix philanthropy into your day:

Donate Stuff to Charity

Being organized can help you take the time and effort to find places that need the things you no longer use. There’s a place for everything you don’t need. Look for glasses, cell phones, computers, clothes and food. Sometimes, what you think isn’t worth anything to anyone, it’s a gold mind to charities. Think, disasters and what would be helpful.

Give a Grant

Matt Redhawk, a business owner and philanthropist, believes being prepared for anything and supporting others. That’s why he has used his own success to support others in Idaho. On one occasion, he gifted a scholarship of $4,000 to a talented plane builder after he was unable to afford the fees of renting a plane. It’s just an example of some of the grant/scholarship ideas someone who owns a business could do to help others.

Take Your Philanthropy to Work

The workplace serves a way to start a project that can improve employee engagement, and create stronger relationships among colleague. If your company doesn’t offer a service program, you can always start one. What a great way to show bring philanthropy into your daily life.

Give Local
There’s nothing wrong with staying local with your philanthropy and keeping it simple. Commit to one act of kindness every day. Get your friends involve and your community as well. Spreading your act of kindness and teaching the people in your life to do it too.

Use Your Camera for Good

Photographers make photographs for a variety of reasons. For some, photography is a profession, others. For others, it’s a creative outlet. For whatever reason photographers shoot, they can also use it to give back. Photography has the power to move people, so using their talents to pair up with organizations offers unique opportunities for photographers to use their skills in the name of good.

Use Your Talents

Everyone has a talent that some nonprofit could use those skills. Whether you’re a writer who can help with the newsletter, or a consultant who could help a struggling company, look at how you can devote a few hours of what you know you do well to an organization that matters to you.

Shop for Good

Look for brands that give a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes or which have a “buy one, give one” model, such as Warby Parker uses their talent of making glasses to donate over 4 million pairs of glasses through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

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