7 Fun STEM Games For Kids This Christmas


Once the kids take a break for the Christmas holiday, you may have a lot on your plate. With work, family obligations, and Christmas preparations taking most of your time, you have to come up with creative ideas to keep them busy and off your back most of the time. Have a look at the seven fun STEM games for kids this Christmas – you’re sure to find something to keep them occupied.

  1. Get Them Customized Toys

Kids of different ages require toys with different technicalities to keep them engaged. You can get them musical instruments, building toy sets, spy kits, and art and craft gift boxes. One of the places to shop for such gifts is WhoopsaDaisy. The last thing you want is a toy dumped in the garage because it was not your kids’ selection. Therefore, ensure that you engage your kids in the selection process to ensure that they pick something of their choice; one that they are bound to play with severally. You can also probe them to find out what toys they would like then surprise them with the gift.

  1. Make a Brush Bot

If you have always wanted to initiate your kids into doing house chores effortlessly, this is the easiest way to do so. Have them build their brush bots individually under the supervision of an adult. You will need a motor, batteries and their cases, a brush, tape, scissors, and glue. Connect the cells to the motor and attach it to the brush using tape. Ensure that you find a space to put between these two objects. While doing this, keep in mind the need to leave the operations buttons accessible.

  1. Launch Objects Using a Home-made Yardstick Launcher

A yardstick launcher enables your kids to learn how to aim. This highly addictive object only requires three significant items to build it. Attach party cups to one end of the yardstick using glue and secure the rod to a can as well. Now place balls and other light toys in the cups and see which one of your kids can throw the objects furthest. What makes this game pleasant is the fact that it is accomplished by stepping on the unoccupied side of the stick and stomping on it.

  1. Teach Them Cool Moves With the Help of a Dancing Puppet

You can hold a dancing competition for them with the help of a dancing puppet. Considering that this activity requires a lot of gluing and cutting, you will need to be present during the entire construction process. Find a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to make a puppet and use colors to provide variety.

  1. Make Customized Bath Bombs

You can prompt your kids to make bath bombs for themselves and their friends. Just get them the required supplies and let the older kids supervise the younger ones. Let each child choose the colors they want if you want to steer initiative from their end. Also, you can pin a prize for this exercise and watch as they fight to make the most bombs.

  1. A World of Their Own

How about getting them to create their solar systems right at home? You can make a model one then ask the kids to try and make one just like it. If you allow them to hang the piece in their rooms, they will be motivated to work harder to create an appealing one considering that they will probably be seeing it for a long time.

  1. Invisible Ink for Communication

Rather than have them yell at each other all day long, help them make invisible ink using lemon and water and give them a piece of paper and stick for writing. Whenever they need to communicate something, let them use the ink to write and show you. Not only will this reduce the noise levels in the house significantly, but it will teach them a few virtues like patience when they have to wait for the paper to dry up then drag you outside to read its contents.

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