What Do Husbands Expect From Their Wives?

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Women are usually the expressive ones when it comes to relationships. They confess their feelings openly, tell exactly what they want, and convey their emotions when they are happy and when they are fighting. While they express themselves freely, they sometimes do not have the clarity of what they want. That can be confusing for men and the girls themselves too. Men, on the other hand, are completely opposite to the girls. They are the silent observers. They do not express and this drives the girlfriends mad. Their lack of communication can sometimes spoil their relationship.

Irrespective of their quiet nature, they do have many expectations from their wives. They need their wives to understand their point of views. Women usually think that all men want is to have a beautiful and hot wife with the perfect figure. But that is so not true. They do have these deep feelings and needs which they expect from their wives to understand. Lack of understanding, expression, and communication can dim the spark of a relationship.

Following are the few things which many men expect from their wives but are not able to express it out loud:


  • Respect: Men pamper and spoil their wives and fulfill all their wishes and demands happily. All they expect in return is some respect. Respect always triumphs when it comes to real relationships. Respect is that one element in a marriage that can even reignite the lost love. The best way of showing your love you to your husband is by respecting him. Every wife respects her husband, but sometimes you need to let him know that through words or through actions. Some wonderful ways of showing him respect is:
  • Stop doing other work and listen to him when he is speaking.
  • Praise him for the efforts he makes for his family.
  • Ask him what he wants to eat or where does he want to dine.
  • Tell him when he looks good.
  • Respect his private things.
  • Do not raise your voice or your finger while fighting.
  • Try and make him happy on his bad day at work.
  • Love: A man can go through any hardship and struggle when he has a wife who loves him endlessly. He might not tell you about his bad day, but your loving words and affectionate touch can lift the worst of his moods. But if you lash out at him when you meet him, complaining about every big or little problem, it just ruins his day and spoils his mood even more. Make him feel special, ask him how his day was and always be tender towards him. Make him look forward to coming home in your arms. Showing your love and respect towards his family members also makes him feel extremely happy and lucky.    
  • Encouragement: Encouragement from your life partner is the best form of blessing. A man can dare to take any decision in life without being scared and confused when he knows that his wife will support and encourage him 100%. Sometimes what happens is that a man is not able to follow his heart because he is unsure of the reaction of his wife. Let us take an example of his career. If he is doing a job which he is very bad at and is not in the area of his interest. All that job gives him is a big fat paycheck at the end of the month. He badly wants to pursue with his dream career but resigning from that job means putting his family in a financial insecurity. The idea of him switching careers may not appeal you, but as his best friend and life partner, you should support him and give him the assurance that whatever would happen, you all will handle the situation as a strong family. Support of this kind strengthens the bond between the couple.   
  • Pamper: With all the years of him spoiling and pampering you with all your favorite gifts, surprises, amazing vacations; don’t you think it is high time for you to do something for him as well? And ignore that guilty voice in your head that says he doesn’t care and he doesn’t notice. Because he really, really does. He notices when you make him his favorite food, or plan a perfect weekend for him, or even pick his choice of movie to watch. These little things are what made him fall in love with you in the first place. So if you do not pamper him at all, please do. Start with small steps like sticking cute notes on the bathroom mirror, put on a dress of his favorite color, or gift him something meaningful at the special occasions. You can look for something special to present like diamond rings or gold rope chain from Frost NYC will really make him believe that you put your heart out in the gift to pamper him.   
  • Space:  Too much of clinginess may be a big turn off for a man. A man usually needs some quality alone time to think some things over or when he is stuck in a situation. A man tends to feel toxic in a relationship when he does not get space for himself. Before the situation gets to a level where he isolates himself and gets irritated by you, you should know better and take a step back to give him his space. It can be frustrating for you as you keep on over-thinking about why is he not sharing things with you. But once you give him some space, he gets time to think over things, clear his mind and steady himself. This might indicate to the nature of a man who usually is stubborn to show his weakness to his wife. But once he has a clear head, and is not pressurized by you, he will come out of his shell and share his state of mind with his ever-so understanding better wife, his wife.     



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