Can You Have Fun AND Save Your Money?

Saving money is a lifelong activity and an ambition a lot of us hold. We keep ourselves on a budget, we take shopping lists to stop us impulse buying more groceries, we switch our lifestyle habits completely to keep more money in the bank; the list goes on and on! But when it comes to having a bit of downtime, and having some fun with your free weekends, you can end up spending more than ever.

Often enough, we have to pay to play – whether you’re an avid mobile app user, or you’re someone who likes a night out at least once a week, or you love going on day trips to old castles and stately homes, you’re going to be spending money as you go. And that can work out very expensive for your budget, but how can you indulge yourself otherwise? Well, let’s think a little about that below!

save money and have fun

Save your pennies for something a little more special! (Image)

Look for a Coupon

Coupons are wonderful for discounts, seeing as new ones come out every day, and you can collect and save your coupons up to get as much money off of a certain day out or new item as you want. Not to mention, there’s all kinds of online websites for pointing out what’s the best deal of the day, and you can spend five minutes or so just looking through these once a day. For example, is just one of the places you can head if you’re looking for the most popular deals and money off options that you’ll be interested in.

Look Out for Free Events

Free events happen all over the country, and you can very easily find out what’s going on near you by just surfing your social media. Local events will pop up in your feed, or in your recommended section, and you can learn all about them with just a simple click. Free events are usually heavy weighted in the arts and culture side of things, so if you’re interested in creative and slower paced events, this could be perfect for you! And you can take as many friends along with you as you like.

Get Some Rewards Cards

If you shop in one place, it’ll be good to get a rewards card, and you can even keep all your gift cards on your phone nowadays. Every time you go into a shop, or use a bar or restaurant, see if there’s a reward service for you to join up with – it’ll save a lot of money for future you!

Not to mention, there’s all kinds of independent reward services that can save you money on every purchase, especially if you’re someone who like eating out with friends on a Friday night.

Having fun, and being able to save some money whilst you’re at it, is a lot easier than a lot of people think! Now’s your chance to have a good time with just a few pennies.

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