Do You Have the Perfect Towel


You love going to the beach, right? But you hate coming home all sandy, right? So what’s the solution to sand in your suit, your car, and your home? A sandproof beach towel, of course! Leave the beach behind you when you head for home with this perfect companion.

Sandproof and Fancy-Free

Tesalate beach towels feature sand repelling technology called AbsorbLite, but all you need to worry about is the fact that sand won’t stick to it. You can lay it on the beach, relax, run, and play, all while your towel stays clean.

Absorbent and Dry

You’re bound to get wet at the beach and the pool. You may even feel like you sweat a litre at yoga. That’s ok! The Tesalate towel holds almost a litre of water, leaving you dry and comfortable.

After you’re dry, your towel dries in half the time of a regular towel so you can fold it up and pack it away.


Speaking of packing it away, the Tesalate towel folds up small and is ultra light, so you can throw it in your tote and go. It’s compact, comfortable, and convenient, leaving you with one less thing to worry about carrying.


Despite its small size when folded, the Tesalate towel unfolds to a full 63×31 inches, so it’s big enough for almost any size person. Lounging in the sun has never been so comfortable or convenient.


Tesalate towels come in many different styles and colours. There’s something for everyone, making it the perfect gift for yourself or the entire family. Everyone will enjoy a stress- and sand-free trip to the beach.

If you’ve been looking for a sandproof beach towel to make your beach outings more enjoyable, the Tesalate towel will give you a compact, full-size, and stylish solution to your sand problem.

There will be no more sand in your suit, car, or home if you use a sand free beach towel to keep it out of the places where it shouldn’t be. Leave the beach behind when you pack up to go home for easier cleanup.

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