How You Can Honor and Show Appreciation to the Military Service Person in Your Life


Having a military service person in your family is a very special honor. That person has chosen to dedicate themselves to helping others in need, and keeping the peace not just here at home, but also abroad. With that said, it takes a special individual to want to join the military, and it is something that every family member should be proud of.

Unfortunately, most people lead pretty busy lives nowadays, which mean there isn’t always time taken to honor that service person and show your appreciation for all they do. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or holiday to show them how much they mean. In fact, showing them appreciation just because it feels right is often more meaningful.

To help spark some ideas, here are some great ways that you can honor that military service person and show them how incredible they truly are.

Customized Military Challenge Coins

Customized gifts are always special and memorable; they aren’t something you’re going to find on a store shelf and often they can end up being a one-of-kind item. If you are looking to find military challenge coins, you may want to take that extra step and have one custom-made for the special person in your life.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is a company that specializes in the best of the best when it comes to military coins. They feature coins from every single branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, so you are sure to find the perfect coin. Not only that but you can provide them with a design plan and they can then create a military coin from that plan. It is a unique and memorable gift that the military service person in your life will cherish.

A Handwritten Thank You Note

Here’s a more intimate way to show your appreciation, but it still carries a lot of meaning and depth. Writing a handwritten thank you note to that special military service person can show just how proud you are of them and how much love you have for them. You can convey how much of a mark they are making on the entire country. Showing some love and support is better than any gift you can buy in the store.

If the service person is currently deployed, it’s also a great thing for them to receive in the mail and there is no doubt they will hang on to it.

Set Up a Family Portrait Session

Because military service people can be deployed abroad for many months at a time without seeing their family, another special gift is to schedule a family portrait session. What a wonderful package for them to receive while they are away from home, missing their family, and wondering how everyone is doing.

Show Them How Much They Mean to You

Each of these gifts will show the military service person in your life just how special they are to you, and how much you appreciate all they are doing.

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