3 Career Boosters For Busy People

Finding the time to focus on ourselves and our own lives can be tricky if we already have a lot on our plates. Maybe there are children to look after, mortgages to pay, and dinners to plan – so how are we supposed to squeeze in time to improve ourselves as well?

career boosters

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Luckily, technology has made it a bit easier for us to find time for everything we’d like to do these days. Start your path to a better and more rewarding career by having a look at the tips below; they might not send your career skyrocketing, but all of these small steps will make it a bit easier for you to be successful, in the long run.

#1 Find a mentor

If you feel a bit lost and unable to pinpoint exactly what you need to do in order to boost your career, it’s an excellent idea to ask someone for help. They should be a bit more knowledgeable, of course, and preferably an expert in their field.

Keep in mind that they would probably be flattered if you asked them for help, by the way, so don’t be afraid to approach them with your questions. They know how it is to be new to the field and may be able to steer you in the right direction.

It’s a type of networking, in any way, and by finding a mentor you’re actually killing two birds with one stone. It’s the kind of stuff you need when you’re already struggling to find time for everything else.

#2 Take an online course

Packing up your bag and heading off to seminars at the university is kind of hard when you have another job and perhaps even kids to look after. That’s why the Internet is such a great thing; just look up some online courses or an online MBA, and you’ll be able to attend those seminars at home while dinner is cooking.

It doesn’t even have to be an entire degree, though, in case you don’t have time for several hours of studying every day. It could be a regular course, for example, to give you an advantage when looking for a new job.

Just ask your newfound mentor about the skills he or she thinks you should focus on, and hit the web to look at your options.

#3 Have a chat with your boss

While it may seem a bit intimidating to approach your boss out of the blue, he or she may be able to give you some tips in terms of what it takes to succeed. If they are the right kind of boss, they’ll even be impressed with your willingness to learn and your level of ambition so don’t be afraid to request a 5-minute meeting.

Most employers are looking for employees who’d like to continue their learning and contribute to the workplace as much as possible. Show them that you’ve got the right kind of attitude, and they’ll probably give you all of their best tips.

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