Every Home Has An Underbelly, And It’s Always Dirty

The living room is somewhere we take care to make sure it’s clean and tidy. You never know just who might be coming over and for this reason alone you would want to get rid of smudges, coffee mug marks on the table, and stains on the sofa to name a few. We do this because it’s the first room a guest will enter and this makes it the face of our home. It becomes the face of the interior, from which all other rooms will be judged. So who can blame you for keeping it spotless and blowing your lid when someone leaves crumbs all over the carpet floor. Is that enough though? Why should you only clean and take care of the living room when every room should be like that? In fact, the more you leave other rooms to fester in their own accumulated filth the more and more your home will develop an underbelly. An underbelly of a home in the nooks and crannies that are the deposit areas where dust, muck and dirt gather. Despite cleaning the room there will always be one or two spaces where you haven’t done the best you can. Here’s how you can find the many places that make up your own home’s underbelly, and how do you deal with them.

Don’t just clean around it

Let’s take it slow first and just focus on something that is right underneath your nose. It’s right there in plain sight for you to see but you have to look a little closer. When you vacuum your living room, do you lift up your sofa or move it back to see what’s lying beneath? Many people just leave this spot alone because they figure that most of the dirt will be underneath the coffee table. The thing is this makes sense at first because you’re focusing on where your family place their feet. Some leave them hanging so dirt from their shoes and or socks is deposited straight in front of the foot of your sofa. Other times people like to place their feet underneath the living room table as they stretch their legs out. It’s true you will hear the clinging of your vacuum pipe as you roll over these areas but think about what happens when people get up off the sofa. They push back to stand up and push their feet back to walk away.

This kicks dirt underneath your sofa. After months and months of this occurring, you can expect dirt and all manner of things to be lying underneath your sofa. It will cause the room to smell because your carpet floors will begin to be saturated with bacteria. You can expect the color of your carpet underneath the sofa to also change colors and become darker. First off, vacuum the carpet underneath, slowly allowing the head to sit on the carpet for a few seconds over darker spots. Buy a good carpet cleaner and allow the solution to soak into the carpet for at least an hour after scrubbing it thoroughly. Then you should soak the patch of carpet with lukewarm water. Lastly, vacuum the carpet and prepare to empty your bag of incredibly dirty water.

Modern dust spreaders

If you have a child living in the house no doubt they will have a modern computer that has many LED lights and many fans spinning around to keep the internal components cool. These computers are much the same as their older counterparts because they are hot inside and they don’t have a lot of open spaces. In fact, it’s quite cramped inside a computer case. This is the perfect place for dust to gather. Dust loves small spaces where there is warmth as it lands on the surface, dries up and sticks to it like glue. The only difference with a modern computer case is that the fans actually push half the dust outward. Can you imagine what this is doing to your home? Dust is being spread all over the place. It gathers and concentrates into one funnelling spot, and then gets shot out around the room in all different directions.

You should clean your computer case from the inside once every month. Simply take the case door off, after disconnecting the case door fan if you have one. What you will need then is to have bought compressed air in a can. The can will come with a thin straw that will attach to the hole which the air is forced out of. Point the straw end in the various spots around the case and the pressure of the air hitting the surface will kick up the dust inside. Bear in mind you need to do this because there are delicate pieces that make the computer. The graphics card fan and the CPU fan will need to be sprayed with the can. The power unit will have its own fan underneath which will also need to be sprayed. It’s best to turn your computer on its side when cleaning it so you can get all the angles. Use a dry paper towel to clean away the dust that is not loose enough to be dislodged by the pressurized air.

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The tunnel of bugs

Where is the best place for a bug to be hiding out from the cold, wet and wind? Hopefully, they could get inside your home and find a corner or possibly make their home in your vents. Here they would have a fresh supply of air, but also it’s warm enough to survive the cold days of autumn and winter that are coming up. First, they have climb into your home from the outside and one of the best places to do that is through your HVAC unit. Think about how large the fan has to be in order to suck up a sufficient amount of air to warm and then spread throughout the entire home. It’s a perfect place for creepy crawlies to find their way into your home. That’s why regular cleaning should be done for the induction fan.

If it is too late and bugs have already made a home for your HVAC, chances are that repairs will need to be made. Bigs tend to clog up the unit with their eggs, waste and sometimes shedding of skin. Over the months and years, this tends to pile up and can cause a major malfunction. For a repair of your air conditioning unit contact a professional 24 Hour AC Repair company that has many years of experience. HVAC units are different and vary massively through designs, so employing a company that knows each kind of style and brand will avoid a botch job. They also work, nights, weekends and even holidays so don’t be afraid to contact specialists that love their job and can repair any kind of problem regarding AC units.

Hidden on heights

All around the home, dust finds itself into and onto strange places. It’s so light that it can waft through the air unseen and yet when it lands on a surface it still cannot be seen. Only when a large quantity of dust has accumulated onto a surface and the sunlight hits it at the right angle is when the sheer amount of coverage is able to be seen. Take a dining table chair or some kind of object that will allow you to step up and see what’s sitting on your cabinet roof. Check out what on top of your television, on top of doors, look at the top surface of your fridge, the desk in your home office and more. It’s like a thin sheet of ice that covers an entire surface and it’s hard to spot at first.

If the dust has been sitting in the sunlight for a long time it will even harden. Wiping it off with just a cloth is going to be hit and miss in some cases. Usually, a damp cloth is best as it has the most striking power. However, this means that the dust will roll up and stick to the cloth so you’ll have to wash it in between each wipe. This isn’t practical so you need to first spray the area with a lukewarm solution of water and lemon juice. The acid in the lemon juice will lift up the dust and the warm water will loosen it from clumps. Then take several paper towels and wipe the surfaces on top your furnishings and fittings. Wipe the surface again once over once the dust has been cleaned just to give the surface back its sheen.

It’s usually the hidden areas of a home that are the most dirty. The sad thing is that if these aren’t properly cleaned they can result in long-term damage to the area. Lift up the underbelly of your home and put some elbow grease into your cleaning. Set aside a day when you will achieve all these tasks. Whether it’s inside your HVAC, on top of your cabinets, inside your computer or underneath your sofa, don’t let your home be the sanctuary of filth and bacteria.

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