Three Ways to Improve Your Road Trip


The reason why the road trip will never go out of fashion is more than simply down to the romantic ambiance of it!

Road trips are cheaper than air travel; they offer the potential to bond with your travel companions and give you the opportunity to truly explore the world around you. When you get to dictate every element of your trip, you have far more control than those people trapped in airport lounges, complaining about delays. Road trips are amazing opportunities to experience the wonderful and the new, and these three travel tips might just help you get the most from your trip.

In-car entertainment: Your choice of entertainment is going to depend on who you’re traveling with. If it’s a family road trip, then you need to ensure that the younger members of your party are not going to get bored. Even if you’re traveling with a group of adults, boredom can be a real issue.


  • The solution: Make sure that you have a variety of options to offer when it comes to in-car entertainment. You could encourage everyone to create a music playlist before setting out, or you could opt for a range of audiobooks that will keep everyone entertained. Take turns controlling the entertainment, and everyone will be much more content as a result.

Car priorities: Even if you love your classic car, if you suspect that it won’t make the thousand mile drive, then it might just be best to leave it at home. For long road journeys, you should always prioritize comfort. Most cars that get daily use on the commute or the school run are not prepared for sudden lengthy journeys.


  • The solution: Most smart travelers opt to rent a newer car for the duration of their trip. Visit Advantage to check out the range of potential makes and models that you can choose from, and remember that the more comfortable everyone is, the happier they will be!

Smart snacking: Although you have probably planned your rest spots and dining places already, it’s always a good idea to pack extra snacks and water. Although trying new foods is always a fun and exciting part of any trip, mishaps can always occur, and you don’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam without any way to keep yourself hydrated.


  • The solution: Pack high energy snacks and even invest in a water cooler so that you reduce your chances of running out of liquid midway through your journey. Knowing that you have to drive another 50 miles before you can have a sip of water is going to be very frustrating indeed, so plan in advance and make sure that you have enough to keep you going.

Embrace the romance and the history of packing your car and driving off into the sunset, but always do as much preparation beforehand as possible. The more you plan, the more likely that you return home eager to start planning the next road trip of your dreams!

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