Checklist for Becoming a Business Consultant


After years of running a successful business, many business owners turn their expertise into a different career as a consultant. A consultant can provide business owners with valuable advice to improve performance and efficiency in their business. A business consultant is usually contracted for a time period and in that time, they help businesses identify problems and implement solutions.

What Should You Do to Become a Business Consultant?

While starting out as a  business consultant, there are some things to do to be successful:

Learn consulting skills

Training program business owners such as Sam Ovens, help you learn how to get off the ground and get clarity and grow your business. Developing your consultant skills helps you deal with client problems.

What is your experience level?

It’s a must that business owners looking to hire a business consultant require that they have experience running a business themselves. They also require a level of expertise in a specific type of business.  For example, a person who ran a security business for twenty years would qualify to give other security related businesses advice. Most require at least five years’ working experience in order to call yourself an expert.

Write a business plan

Starting a consultant business requires the same steps as you would with any business, and that would be starting with a business plan. This includes deciding what legal format you’ll use, your mission and vision statements, your pricing and profit projections. It’s advisable to set five year goals and milestones as well.

Write a marketing plan

As with any business, you need a good marketing plan. The competition is stiff-business consultants are popping up everywhere. You need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. Planning how you will connect with your audience, building rapport, and trust is important. Traditional marketing techniques may not be enough. Add internet marketing and out of the box marketing ideas and figuring out price and time and setting marketing goals will help build your business.

Choose a niche

Will you focus on one niche business topic area, or will you be an expert with a wide range of projects? Deciding on who your targeted client is will help you determine what potential in revenue you can make.

Decide if you are going to work as a permanent employee

Some consultants decide to be a mentor, who works with the business owner to guide them on a strategy to work with their employees. They are contracted and considered not a permanent employee. Other business consultants choose to be part of the company’s team to provide a specific service and work with their staff.

Learn what common problems most small business owners have

This usually is learned through taking a business consultant class where strategies, tools, and training is given to help address the common problems and learn how to solve them and create strategies of your own.

Don’t let your ego get the best of you

Becoming a consultant may have a tendency to inflate one’s ego. Remember that you got into this to help other business owners improve their business skills. Stick to advising them and help them determine the right steps to run their business better. You can’t stop them from not taking your advise, but don’t take it personally either. On the other hand, if your client’s business improves from taking your advice, make sure the praise goes to your client for following your strategy.


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