Tips on How to Merge Videos Post

Merging videos into a single movie prevents you from having any hassle of opening multiple videos to watch them. Many times, when you are at an event, you will go around recording different things. These recordings can be merged together in a single movie to showcase all the happenings at the event. A basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor is all you need to join videos.

You can use your mouse cursor to drag the videos you want to join onto the video track. You’ll know it is the right place to drop your videos when you see the + symbol. When the videos are added on the timeline, you can press the play button in the preview screen to review the sequence. If you want to change the video clip sequence, you just have to drag it and move it to the desired position. It will automatically snap in position when you let go of your mouse cursor.

The software provides a scissor tool for cutting unimportant parts that you feel should not be included in the movie. You can use the red marker to denote the point where you want to cut. It is important that you drag the red marker to the appropriate time to avoid trimming anything important. You’ll also want to avoid jump cut. Instead, you can use the crop tool to zoom in on a subject to show two different shots. Get more details at

Next, you’ll want to add transition to smoothen the merging process of different video clips. The transitions library can be accessed from the transition tab to the left. You can see the animation of the transition by pressing the play button on the preview area. If you like the transition style, you can drag it to the narrow gray space in between two video clips. You can overlay more than one transitions on each other. The transition can be deleted by selecting it in the timeline and pressing the trash button.

The software supports the dissolve transition which can transition from one scene to another scene. You must be considerate on how long the dissolve transition will display. It is also not recommended that you put the transition in between every shot. It also support the fade to/fade from black transition which is suitable for use in movie trailer.

The software also allow you to add filter effects to give your video a personal touch. To add an effect, you can go to the filter tab and drag the preferred filter to the video clip. You can add elements like star, heart, and balloon through applying filters in the software. It can transform your video into vintage look, old movie look and winter snow flakes.

You can also add multiple audio tracks to your video by using the Add Media Files button. Audio tracks can be trimmed with scissor tool to make it sound more professional. If there is a particular audio track with low volume, you can go to the audio properties to increase the volume.

The software allows you to copy an edited audio track and paste it to the new sequence. When you are done, you simply hit the export button to save the merged video into a single movie. You can select a compressed format like MP4 which allows you to view the video on mobile device and on MP4 player on your desktop.

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