Reasons to Pursue a Career in Engineering

Has a career in engineering always been appealing to you? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider embarking down this particular road, and we are going to take a closer look at just a few of them here. Of course, you will find a job which has traditionally high salaries, but you will also find a varied career path which offers its rewards in a range of different ways as well.

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By the end, you may find that you have made up your mind one way or the other. And there are plenty of courses that give you the opportunity to enter and progress in this particular field. So, let’s go into more detail about those reasons why a career in engineering may prove to be the perfect one for you.

A Range of Working Fields

You may hear the word engineer and automatically assume that everyone is doing the same thing. In fact, there are all sorts of different working fields which you could enter. Just some of the most obvious subdivisions of engineering include civil, electronic, mechanical, and chemical. And someone working in each one of these diverse careers is doing something entirely different. Once you enter one of these paths, it is highly likely that you will start to specialise even more and refine your job to the point that you are learning a lot about highly focused and niche fields. In turn, this helps you to be more in-demand in the future, so you can benefit from job security as well as the other natural advantages.

With so many different areas of specialism out there, it is worth investigating each and every one of them carefully. There are bound to be some which provide a higher level of interest to you than others. And since engineering is the kind of field which requires years of dedicated study, you need to choose a field which provides genuine enjoyment, as well as appeal for years and even decades into the future.

High Salaries

We mentioned them at the start, and it is certainly true that high salaries are an attractive proposition when it comes to the field of engineering. Of course, you shouldn’t get into a job for the pay packet alone – but as an added incentive, you can’t really get much better! And when you don’t have the money worries associated with low-paying jobs, you are much freer to concentrate on and enjoy your career. And since there are plenty of opportunities for progression, you can also move up the ladder nice and quickly. Not only this, but you will also be better placed to fund your career advancements such as taking this online electrical engineering degree. Higher salaries aren’t all about buying nicer things – though this is certainly a benefit!

An Abundance of Job Opportunities
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Some job markets are oversaturated and you have to spend days and weeks applying for jobs before you manage to land a position which interests you. However, once you have gone through all of the training associated with becoming an engineer, you tend to be rewarded by the abundance of opportunities which are available to you. Not only this, but these are also the kind of jobs which offer great advancement opportunities, so you can climb up the ladder and obtain promotions quite quickly. Since engineers work at the forefront of some of the most important fields out there such as energy, it makes sense that there are going to be a lot of opportunities out there for the people who possess the right skill set. And with an ageing workforce, there are particular opportunities for younger people who are just trying to enter the market.

A Sense of Job Security

Nobody wants to constantly feel like their job is under threat for one reason or another, but engineering jobs often have an increased sense of security in comparison to other jobs on the market. And if you make your way into a role which occupies a very specific niche, there will not be so many people out there who have the similar skills to replace you. While some positions are under threat of being outsourced elsewhere, this doesn’t tend to be the case in engineering. This is because they are very ‘hands-on’ in their job roles, and they simply can’t be done from afar.

Having said all of this, just because you have job security, it doesn’t mean that you should be complacent. You need to keep both your skills and knowledge up to date and refreshed if you are intending to remain at your most competitive in the workplace.

Transferable Skills

Though you may envisage your career in engineering to last for years into the future, it is always a comfort to know that you have other options out there. And when you start working in an engineering career, you start to realise that you pick up all sorts of transferrable skills along the way. Just some of the core skills which you will develop during your career include problem-solving, teamwork, technical skills, scientific expertise – the list goes on. So, if there ever does come a time that you are ready to move on and do something else, there are other sectors out there which will be willing to welcome you in with open arms. Just a few of the main ones include finance, law, and education. And since engineering is a generally high-pressure field, you will become used to working under stress.

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Occupational Respect

When people are asked to list some of the most prestigious occupations out there, engineering usually ranks near the top of the list. Not only are you likely to be respected by other professionals, but society as a whole will appreciate the contribution that you are making. And while you shouldn’t only choose a job because other people think that you are doing a great thing, it is nice to know that you are appreciated. Further down the line, you could use this level of trust gained to your advantage. For example, if you decide that you one day want to set up a business, you may well find that you are automatically more trusted and people are willing to take a chance on your proposals and get on board with your ideas.

These six are amongst the most obvious why you should take the plunge and pursue a career in engineering. Obviously, the financial rewards play a part in your decision, but there are also plenty of non-financial rewards out there such as transferable skills, the sense of respect that you get from your peers, job security, and the abundance of opportunities that are available to you. Engineering is also a career path which has great ‘staying power’, meaning that when you go down this particular path, it is likely that you will keep up with it for years into the future.

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